Having had two rather large babies I know the pain of weakened pelvic floor muscles. So, when FT London sent me the awesome G Balls 2 pelvic floor training system I was thrilled to give it a go.

Pelvic floor problems are the plague of most women of a certain age. We all know we should work to tone them and yet finding the time or the inclination is tough in a busy life. Where the G Balls 2 differs from other pelvic trainers I’ve used is there is an accompanying training app.

About the G Balls 2

The G Balls 2 themselves arrive in the familiar cylindrical container I’ve come to expect from FT London. This is one of the few times I tend to keep the packaging as they are sturdy and attractive enough for long term storage.

The G Balls 2 are a yummy pink shade and look a little bit like a snow man. Strange as this comparison may seem they’re comprised of a smaller ball sat on top of a larger one. At the base of the toner is what I at first assumed was a retrieval cord, as with most Kegel toners. However closer inspection of the instructions showed this is a form of antennae to pick up the signal from the Bluetooth.

Independent Mode

On the back of the G Balls 2 is a power button. Pressing this puts the G balls 2 into remote vibration mode. I quickly gather from playing with the G Balls 2 if I squeezed it in my hand it vibrated according to how strong my grip was. Ok so this is obviously how it works. A further click of the button puts the G Balls 2 into permanent vibration mode.

This is using the G Balls 2 in Independent mode. This is a good way to train. I found the sensor within the G Balls 2 sensitive and responsive. I could definitely feel the strength of vibration change per my pelvic floor tension.

When inserted inside me the G Balls 2 unit is comfortable and not irritating. Made of silicone the G Balls 2 are perfectly safe to insert inside you. Being body safe there should be no risk of any adverse effects. There is a small LED on the G Balls 2 body. This tells you which mode you’re using and if the unit is on etc.

App Mode

Where the G Balls 2 really comes into its own is the coaching app which you can download onto your phone. Using the Magic Kegels app makes pelvic toning a lot more fun. You can select from 6 courses, Entry Level, Honeymoon, Planning a Baby, New Mum, Muscle Recovery and Hot Lover. Each course has its own set of exercises to 4 intensity levels, Entry, Middle, High and Master.

The G Balls 2 connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth, the Magic Kegels app is available for both Android and iPhone.  

Training Courses

The app comes with voice coaching which is helpful and encouraging. Laying down and inserting the G Ball 2 toner inside myself was easy and comfortable. However, you do have to be careful not to allow the toner to slide too far inside you as this can affect Bluetooth reception.

Once in place simply select your course and follow the easy instructions. A small bird appears on the screen. As you squeeze your pelvic muscles he flies according to the strength of your tense. How long he stays in air depends on the stamina of your hold.

Following the instructions, you complete a set of repetitions and holds with measured breaks to best meet your Kegel needs. Once you’ve finished your toning session the app supplies you with a breakdown of your stats for that session.

Competing for Personal Best

Cleverly you can customise the intensity level of the vibration. Or even programme reminders into the app to alert you when you should be training.

I found the challenge of getting the little bird to fly and keeping him in the air bought out my competitive streak. I strived to do better each time. It certainly makes the boring job of Kegel toning more interesting. As you achieve different training goals you earn trophies and badges which gives you something to work towards.

Signal Issues

The only problem I had with the G Balls 2 unit was when using it in the app mode I found the toner did want to wander up inside me and this would occasionally interrupt signal. Apart from that I found making the toner react to my muscles very easy and the app was very responsive.

I felt no discomfort whilst using the G Balls 2 and was thrilled to notice the gradually improving stats as I used G balls more regularly.

In Summary

G Balls 2 is USB chargeable and there is a tiny sealed charging port at the base of the unit. When G Balls 2 is fully charged, you will get around 4 hours of use out of it. Even with regular use I’ve yet to have to recharge mine. G Balls 2 is available in pink or blue and being waterproof is easily washed in hot water and antibacterial soap.

Kegel toning is so important to female sexual health. It keeps vaginal muscles strong and prevents prolapse problems and stress incontinence. There is no shame in suffering these problems. The vagina goes through a hell of a lot in the average course of a woman’s life. However, using the Magic Kegel trainer this can be improved and reversed in a way that’s both fun and engaging.

FT London sells the G Balls 2 for around £70 and for such a comprehensive training app I feel this is a great price!

Thank you so much to FT London for sending me the G Balls 2 for review. This item was sent to me free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

G Balls 2 Kegel Toner
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