Fun Factory dildos are great fun. I have a ton of them and they each have their own merits. The Fun Factory Magnum plays a special role in my dildo collection.

When the Fun Factory Magnum arrived, I felt that familiar tickle of pleasure I get when I know I have a new dildo to try. The familiar Fun Factory box is as welcoming to me as my front door now. I do love the simple, clean images and colours on the Fun Factory boxes.

Opening the Fun Factory Magnum, I was struck by the perfection of the lines. The Magnum is a much slimmer dildo than my other Fun Factory dildos. The girth of the shaft is 4.5 inches, but visually it somehow looks slimmer.

Body Safe Sticky Silicone

Made of the same body-safe silicone as the other Fun Factory Dildos the Magnum is non-porous and phthalates free. This is great, especially as Fun Factory market the Magnum as a universal dildo. A porous dildo can absorb all kinds of nasty germs and it’s impossible to clean them deep enough to remove this. You can imagine the potential nasties if you are using a dildo both anally and vaginally.

The Magnums silicone is matt in texture and very soft. The surface is sticky and collects every hair it encounters. This is a minor irritation but it does mean the Fun Factory Magnum needs a wipe down almost every time I put it down. This could well be my issue though because I do shed hair like a Labrador in summer.

Fast Track to Squirting

In shape, the Fun Factory Magnum is long and slender. A seven-inch total shaft offers 6 inches of insertable length. For me that’s about perfect. The Magnum has a very delicate curve to the top of its shaft just under the head. This is perfect for reaching G Spot or P spot depending on your needs.

For me the shaft of the Magnum was almost as good at stimulating my G Spot as the Fun Factory Boss. The curve to some of the Fun Factory Dildos shafts just seems to work so well with my anatomy. I find the depth of penetration so fulfilling. The Magnum and Boss are both a fast track to squirting for me. I can’t use either without a towel on the bed first.

It Doesn’t Beat the Boss

The slimmer girth of the Magnum means it doesn’t quite beat the Boss in the list of Fun Factory Dildo’s I love. However, I have found an alternative use for the Magnum, and this is one way the Boss will never beat it. The Fun Factory Magnum has become my go to dildo for anal.

The curved tip and slim shaft means the Magnum is just perfect for anal play. A gently pointed head and super safe wide base make it everything I love in an anal dildo. Why is the base important? All anal toys must have a nice flare to the base. This prevents the toy from travelling up inside you. The anus has a horrible way of absorbing things which aren’t anchored and unlike a vagina it has no back wall. None of us want a trip to A&E to have a dildo removed.

Stick it Down and Ride it

Not just a safety feature, the Fun Factory Magnums base doubles as a suction cup! It certainly doesn’t look like one but on a flat smooth surface the silicone sticks well enough to ride the Magnum hard! It also makes it harness compatible. Being silicone washing the Magnum is a breeze, you can wash it in hot water using anti-bacterial hand-wash or even boil it if you want to sterilize it.

Whilst the shaft feels a bit narrow vaginally, anally it’s amazing. It’s not so thick as to be uncomfortable and is long enough for some real deep penetration. The silicone being sticky does mean you need a fair bit of lube for anal fun. I recommend a good anal lube, one that is water based as silicone or oil lubes will damage your Magnums surface.

DP Perfection

I’ve fallen into a pattern of using my Fun Factory Magnum. I like to start off using it vaginally. The size is perfect for warming up and the length and curve tease my G Spot awake beautifully. Once I’m really horny and on the edge of climax I move to using the Magnum anally. Now my insides are awake, the delicate stretch the Magnum gives is a great way to increase the sensation and edge myself.

Once I feel I can’t wait anymore I slide the Fun Factory Boss inside my vagina and DP myself until I cum in a tidal wave of juices. I could quite happily lay there all day using my favourite two Fun Factory dildos in this way and my play mate loves to watch this and join in. Used in tandem the combination is very hard to beat as the Magnum/Boss are shaped so perfectly for my anatomy they hit every spot inside me.

I’m so attached to my Fun Factory Magnum I genuinely don’t know how I coped without it. My Magnum is in Blackberry which is like a deep purply pink but it is available in black too. Fun Factory sell the Magnum for 49.90€ which I would happily pay ten times over for fun I’ve had with it.

Fun Factory Magnum
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