Fun Factory Bouncer Review


Dildos are usually much of a muchness. They can vary in shape or material but overall, they don’t do much. Enter the Fun Factory Bouncer! With the Bouncer Fun Factory have managed to bridge the gap between dildo and vibrator, creating a dildo which creates internal sensation.

When my Bouncer arrived in the familiar modern looking Fun Factory packaging I was excited to open it and try my new baby out. The first thing that struck me was how thick the Bouncer was. The shaft is much girthier than I expected. Picking it up the weight surprised me as well, it’s quite heavy.

Weighted Fun

The shaft of the Bouncer is wavy, there are three distinctive bumps along the slightly curved length. Inside the shaft sits three rotating weights which move when the Bouncer is shaken or thrusted. When you move the Bouncer, you can feel the weights banging against each other. This creates lots of sensation in the shaft.

In size, the Fun Factory Bouncer is impressive. A total length of 7 inches offering an insertable length of 6 inches will please most of us. Add this to a girth of 5 inches at the thickest parts and you’ve got a chunky dildo.

As with all Fun Factory dildos the Bouncer is made of silicone. This means it’s fully body-safe and non-porous. It also means it’s very easy to clean, pop it in a sink of hot water and wash with an antibacterial soap.

Colour Options

My Fun Factory Bouncer is Candy Rose in colour but as with all Fun Factory products if you don’t fancy baby pink there are other options. Fun Factory sell the Bouncer in Red and Black as well as Candy Rose. My preference is always towards pink sex toys but I’m aware lots of people hate that. So, Fun Factory’s colour variety is always appreciated.

The base of the Bouncer is a nicely flared silicone platform. This gives you something to hold when thrusting the Bouncer but it also doubles as a kind of suction cup, despite not being one. I find the Fun Factory Bouncer sticks brilliantly to flat shiny surfaces.

Sticky Silicone

As with many silicone toys, the Bouncer is a bit of a fluff and hair magnet. Fun Factory seem to use the same silicone for all their dildos. This is very matt in texture and has quite a sticky feel to it. This makes them great for internal stimulation as the silicone is very grabby. However, it also means they require quite a lot of lube for play.

Being silicone, the Fun Factory Bouncer is only suitable for use with water based lubes. This means you should avoid using oil or silicone lubes, or even hybrids. These can damage the surface of your toy.

Penetration Sensation

So, what was the Fun Factory Bouncer like? The large rounded head felt amazing pressed up against my opening and with the addition of a little lube the thick wavy shaft slid inside me deliciously. The texture on the shaft is only just discernible during insertion, however as you pick up pace it does come into its own.

Sliding the shaft in deeply I could feel the full stretch of the Fun Factory Bouncer. This is quite a large dildo. Feeling the weights inside the Bouncer move really adds something to thrusting. The feeling of movement within the shaft feels amazing inside me. And I find myself thrusting the Bouncer into me harder and faster to increase the sensation.

Thrust or Ride?

The Bouncer does have a very slight curve to the shaft but for me this is nowhere near enough for G Spot stimulation and so the Fun Factory Bouncer can’t make me cum in this way. It can however provide a most thrilling and satisfying penetration.

For me the Bouncer is far better as a thrusting dildo than a riding one. When riding the Bouncer, you lose the lovely movement inside the shaft. However, thanks to the suction element to the base it is more than possible to stick the Bouncer down and ride it.

In Summary

The lovely flared base also makes the Bouncer great for anal use too. I found the thick shaft very filling anally and the waves felt more pronounced when used in this way. As with most things the movement felt stronger when I thrusted the Bouncer in my arse. The weights banging together felt great mixed with the stretch from the girth.

The Fun Factory Bouncer is a clever idea, the weights are a great way to liven up a dildo and the dimensions make the Bouncer a penetration winner. The base also makes the Bouncer very useable in a harness, this would be a great dildo for this as the weights would react to the thrusting of the wearer.  Fun Factory sell the Bouncer for £69.90, if you enjoy internal sensations why not give the Bouncer a try.


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