I love Fun Factory. I’m a major fan of many of their lovely dildo’s and they jam up my sex toy drawer. So, despite not often purchasing sex toys these days (for obvious reasons) I was curious when I saw the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion Pulsator. I bought the Bi Stronic Fusion during a sale and once it arrived I was so glad I hadn’t paid full price for it.

Arriving in the familiar Fun Factory style box, even the packaging had me excited to feel the Bi Stronic Fusion. Bold claims of “Dual Pulsator, Feel the Fusion!” had my nether regions in a tail spin. I immediately ripped the box open to try my newest acquisition.

Baby Pink Silicone

The Bi Stronic Fusion has an almost rabbit vibrator like appearance, with a clitoral fin allowing for dual stimulation. My Bi Stronic is in Candy Rose (what other colour would you expect??) but as with all Fun Factory offerings there are a range of colours available.

Being a Fun Factory toy the shaft of the Bi Stronic is made of body-safe baby pink silicone. The colour is beautiful but the silicone is incredibly matt and grabs every bit of fluff it touches. Being made of silicone you need to be careful when using lube with the Bi Stronic Fusion. Silicone, oil or hybrid lubes can damage the surface of silicone toys so water based lube is a must.

Serious Weight

There is a serious weight to the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion, it does kind of feel like if you walloped someone with it they would certainly know about it. As I shake the Bi Stronic I can feel movement from inside and this makes me thrill with anticipation. In size, the insertable shaft is around 4 inches long and just under 5 inches in girth. For me it could be a bit longer if I’m honest but the thickness is delicious.

The controls of the Bi Stronic Fusion are situated on the black plastic handle. These consists of three raised buttons. The red Fun Factory button switches the Bi Stronic on and off with one click which is great. The large circled button above this controls the Pulsation and the small circled button at the top controls the clitoral vibrations.

So Many Settings

In terms of choice there are so many options for setting combos with the Bi Stronic Fusion. The Pulsator has 8 different modes and there are 6 different vibration settings to choose from. Fun Factory say this amounts to a staggering 64 different ways to enjoy the Bi Stronic. Impressive.

The Pulsation is so hard to describe. It’s nothing like vibration at all, instead the Pulsator kind of jiggles about in your hand throwing itself back and forth in a thrusting kind of motion. The different settings vary from violent thrusting to a more measured movement. The clitoral fin is the only part of the Bi Stronic which vibrates in a traditional way. The vibrations are quite strong and the patterns are varied.

Clitoral Fin

The clitoral fin is a strange shape. Almost like a butterfly in that it has a solid body in the middle with two extending wings either side. The Bi Stronic boasts two motors and one is situated in the body of this fin. The fin is very flexible and can be moved around easily, however it will ping back into place when you let go. The shaft of the Bi Stronic Fusion has some light texturing too it in the form of gently raised ridges. This is extremely light, in fact when it’s inside me I can’t feel this at all.

A USB charging cable is included with the Bi Stronic Fusion. This is a magnetic connection and the connector points are situated right on the bottom of the unit. It’s recommended to fully charge the Bi Stronic Fusion before its first use. One thing that really impressed me was despite the double motor and the power of the Bi Stronic Fusion it’s incredibly quiet! It is impossible to hear the Bi Stronic outside a closed door. Great news for those living with other people.

Vaginal Excitement

The very name of the Bi Stronic Fusion conjures up vaginal excitement within me. By now I was dying to try my new baby out! Slicking some water based lube across the shaft I laid back ready to experience the pulsation.

The first thing I felt was extremely underwhelmed. The depth of penetration was very poor for me. The shaft sat too low to touch my G Spot and the clitoral fin waved ineffectually in the air. Undeterred I changed the angle of the shaft and switched the Bi Stronic Fusion on.

Awkward Juddering

The shaft of the Bi Stronic Fusion awkwardly juddered in and out of me, not enough to form any kind of thrusting motion that was discernible to me. In fact, the sensation was more of irritation. Never have I been more aware of the extra weight I was carrying than when it was being violently jiggled around by the Bi Stronic Fusion. As I lay there juddering like an unimpressed plate of jelly I resolved to maybe at least get a clitoral orgasm out of my new toy.

I quickly realised that anatomically me and the Bi Stronic Fusion are just not a match. To get the clitoral fin to touch my clit I had to hold it in place. This requires my other hand as the weight of the Bi Stronic means resting it on my fingers isn’t possible.

I have a very unfussy clit, I have never met a toy that couldn’t make me cum. Sadly the Bi Stronic Fusion broke this winning streak. No matter what I did I couldn’t get the stimulation needed to get there. The jiggling, juddering pulsation became more of a distraction than a turn on. I can honestly say using the Bi Stronic Fusion is the least sexy I have ever felt playing with a sex toy.

In Summary

I am so disappointed by the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion which seemed to promise so much! Maybe Fun Factory tried to make the Bi Stronic meet too many functions at once but unfortunately for me none of them work well. In the interests of impartiality, I didn’t review the Bi Stronic straight away. We all have off days and possibly it was me. I returned to the Bi Stronic over a period of months and every time found myself frustrated and annoyed.

For me the Bi Stronic Fusion is a total non-starter. It’s a lovely designed toy and the concept and technology is amazing, it just doesn’t do the job, sadly. You can purchase the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion from UberKinky for £154.99. As I said at the start of my review, I’m so glad I didn’t pay full price for my Bi Stronic.


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