If you’re looking for extravagance, then a pair of fancy strip lashes is the perfect way to achieve just that. The epitome of this is the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes. These were sent to me for review from Latex Leather and Lace and stunning they are too.

The first thing I noticed about the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes was the gorgeous colours. The deep blues and jewel greens really do emulate a peacock’s tail. The lashes themselves are made up of feathers rather than actual lashes and this makes for an unusual texture.

Fluttering Length

Upon opening the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes, I was struck by the sheer length of the lash. It is easily the longest pair of lashes I’ve owned.  Just over an inch in length the feathered flares of the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes tend to separate due to their length and stiffness.

The lengths are very soft and delicate, each individual frond has tiny little hairs emanating from it. They look almost fluffy on close inspection. The strip band is long and thick, and I know straight away I’m going to need some significant trimming.

Staying Aloft

I’ve reviewed Fever Pink Feather Lashes previously for Latex Leather and Lace and found the length was a bit of an issue in terms of actually seeing. Where the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes differ is there is more rigidity to the lengths, allowing them to stay upright on your lids. This makes them much easier to wear.

Measuring the band, I trimmed about 2 mm off the inner corner of the strip to make it fit my lash line. Working the band was quite difficult as it was very thick and stiff. This made me wonder if I’d have difficulty fitting them. Bending the strip around to create a “lash crown” the lengths separated, and it felt a bit like the band might break. My advice is work the band very delicately.

Peacock Eye

On the lengths of the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes is a pattern resembling a peacock’s eye. The blues are situated towards the band with the lengths graduating to a greener colour. The overall appearance of the Fever Blue Peacock lash is of a dark lash.

Fitting the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes was easier than I expected despite my band concerns. Included with the Fever Blue Peacock Lashes is a tube of lash glue. This has an application stick in the lid. I found the application stick to be fiddly to use and preferred to apply the glue directly from the tube. This takes a steady hand but applies a more consistent line of glue.

The glue itself isn’t great but this is often the way with glue included with lashes. I found you need a fair quantity to make the rigid band ends stick well. This means it does leave a heavy residue on your lash line when you remove the lashes. I found it much easier to use DUO glue on the Fever Blue Peacock Lashes, it gave a good stick and kept the heavyweight band in place.

Creating a Curve

Getting the band to curve was the main issue when using the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes. It resisted it a little at first and I found it easiest to stick the centre of the strip and press the edges into place. Due to the band thickness I needed to apply a little additional pressure to the edges to avoid the dreaded ping.

Once in place the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes are very comfortable. They don’t feel anywhere near as heavy as they look and flutter beautifully when I bat them. Despite the funky, cosplay look of the Fever Blue Peacock Lashes they are quite wearable thanks to the dark nature of them. They create a heavy corner lash look.

Dramatic Look

The look is very dramatic; the dark heavy lengths are very glamourous and look amazing with a fully made up eye. The peacock eye is obvious when you close your eyes and the light hits them. As you bat your lashes the pattern literally flashes at bystanders. The colours are opulent and jewel-like. The separation of the lashes is a little annoying but it’s a small pay off for the rigidity of the lengths.

I think the Fever Blue Peacock Feather lashes would be perfect for a big night out or a fetish or club event. Despite the fact they could be considered fancy dress I personally like them enough to wear them to my local club.

Looking After Your Lashes

Removing the Fever Blue Peacock Lashes is a little tricky. I feel like I don’t want to get the lengths wet. Applying a little eye make up remover to a cotton bud, just working the edge of the band lifts the strip away from the lid. Once it’s begun to lift you can gently pull the band away.

Be very careful with the lengths. They are quite delicate and could easily be pulled out and this would destroy the look of the strip. Once the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes are removed the best place to keep them is on the card they came on. This said they are hardy enough to get a good few wears out of them if you look after them properly (no removing them and leaving them on the bathroom windowsill).

In Summary

For an extreme lash the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes are pretty damn awesome. They look pretty and glamourous but are also very wearable and comfortable. Leather Latex and Lace sell the Fever Blue Peacock Feather Lashes for £5.99 this is a great price for such luscious lashes. If you are looking for impact look no further than these beautiful babies.

Thank you so much to the amazing Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Fever Blue Peacock Lashes to review. I was sent these free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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