I’m the self-appointed Queen of Lashes so when Latex Leather and Lace sent me four pairs of Fever Lashes to review I was cockahoop. I decided to start with the Black Diamante Glamour 30287 style.

Looking at the Fever Glamour 30287’s they are a fairly natural looking lash with a diamante studded band. The flares have a flick to the outer edge of the eye, which creates a gorgeous cats eye effect.

Shiny Glossy Finish

The lashes are synthetic and have a shiny glossy finish to them, this does make them look less natural than a fluffier finish. However, they reflect the light beautifully.

Opening the box, I immediately realise the band is far too long for my eyes and will need trimming. This is standard with lashes and I’ve yet to find a single pair I haven’t had to trim.

Super Sparkly

The band is quite wide to accommodate the diamantes, its rigid and doesn’t flex easily so I know I’ll need to work the band to make it fit. The Diamantes are super sparkly and catch the light as they sit on my dressing table temptingly.

Included with the Fever Glamour 30287’s is a small tube of adhesive. Inspecting this I find there is a stick to apply the glue to the band attached to the adhesive lid. The glue isn’t great, but it rarely is when included with lashes.

Trimming the Band

My first job is to trim the lashes. I measure the band against my lash line and figure I need to remove two diamantes from the band to make them fit. Using nail scissors, I cut the band at a slight angle, chipping through the diamantes and keeping the lovely angle in the lengths. I remove 2 diamantes from the inside edge of the strip. This is very easy to do and the band cuts beautifully.

Once the trimming is done the Fever Glamour 30287’s fit perfectly around my eye, not too close to the inner corner. Time to work the band! Because of the diamantes it’s important to work the band gently and not to break it.

Holding the edges of the strip in each hand I gently bend the band back into the position it’ll be applied in. Doing this for a few minutes softens the bands rigidity and will make it fit better.

Applying Fever Glamour Lashes

Now my make-up is done, time to apply the Glamour 30287’s. Using the little stick in the glue tube I apply a thin line of glue to the band and leave it to sit on my dressing table. The stick makes application un-necessarily hard to be honest. It doesn’t spread the glue well and is awkward. It would be much easier to have the glue in a squeezy tube and apply it directly to the band.

Once the glue had sat for a little while (around 40 seconds) I began to apply the Glamour 30287’s to my eyes. Holding the strip by the lengths I dropped the outer edge into place over my own lashes and eased the rest of the band around. This took a few attempts thanks to the remaining band stiffness. I imagine these would be easier to fit every time you wore them.

Comfortable and Glamorous

Once I’d manouvered the band around my lash line I pressed against the lengths to fix the glue in place and applied pressure to either end to make sure they didn’t ping up. Once the glue had set I could blend my own lashes in with a coating of mascara.

I really love the look of the Fever Glamour 30287 Diamante Lashes. They are I think my favourites out of the four styles I was sent, in terms of wearability anyway. They look stylish and frame my eye in a more natural way. But thanks to the diamantes are still special enough to wear on a night out, to the pub or a Christmas party.

When wearing the Fever Glamour 30287’s I felt no discomfort at all, they didn’t obstruct my vision and I was given quite a few compliments on them. I am well used to the feel of strip lashes, but some can be spiky. Especially if they have a rigid band, but this wasn’t the case at all.

Feline Flick

I love the flick at the edge of the eye. It’s very feminine and if you like to flick your eyeliner this compliments that beautifully. It gives your eye a very feline quality.

Removing the Fever Glamour 30287’s was as easy as soaking the band with some make up remover on a cotton bud and working it till I could gently peel them away. After use my Fever Glamour 30287’s looked still as good as new despite several hours wear. They’re sat happily back on their card waiting for their next outing.

Rubbish Glue

My one real dislike about Fever Glamour 30287’s was the awful glue included. I used this glue to apply them for review, but I have now thrown it away and will revert to using DUO with them. The glue feels cheap, dries slowly and leaves large chunky lumps of latex attached to your lashes after you’ve removed the strips. Picking this out of my lashes for hours afterwards is a chore.

It also should be noted that when I applied them with DUO they stuck far better. My advice if you’re buying Fever Glamour Diamante lashes would be to discard the glue and invest in a decent brand from the off. Save yourself some time.

In Summary

I really like Fever Glamour Diamante 30287 lashes. They were great fun and easy to wear, despite not being like my usual type of strip. You can buy Fever Glamour Diamante 30287’s from Leather Latex and Lace for £4.49.

Thank you so much to the awesome people at Latex, Leather and Lace for sending me the Fever Glamour Diamante 30287. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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