As the self-confessed queen of strip lashes I like my lashes super glam. So, when Latex Leather and Lace sent me a parcel with 4 sets of Fever Lashes I was well chuffed. One of the more bling pairs were these gorgeous Fever Black Diamante 21203’s.

What makes the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s special is a pretty line of clear crystal diamante across the lash band. On closer inspection the crystals are seated on the lash flares, right at the top of the lengths.

Synthetic Shiny Lengths

The actual lashes of the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s are very natural with a separated long short patterned flare. The lashes are synthetic and extremely black and shiny. This gives them a polished look.

The lengths are soft and delicate, although they aren’t fluffy they are fluttery. The lashes are 1.5cm long which is very wearable. In fact, if it wasn’t for the diamantes these would be perfect day to day lashes.

First Impressions Are Not Always Right

My first impression of the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s was I expected a rigid band, and a difficult fit. Oh, Ye of little faith. The band was beautifully flexible and formed a lash crown with no problem at all. Meaning working the band was no problem.

With hindsight this is probably because the diamantes are on the lashes and not the band. I was expecting a thick rigid band to support them. Very clever Fever.

Band Trimming

As with all strip lashes the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s required some band trimming. If you don’t trim your band the strip won’t fit properly and will irritate the inner corner of your eye. If you’ve ever suffered irritation or discomfort from strip lashes, it’s most likely because you have not trimmed them enough.

Trimming the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s is a job for steady hands. You need to be careful to cut between the crystals and this is a bit fiddly. I trimmed one crystals length of band off, this took about three lash flares from the strip. I used nail scissors, which worked brilliantly and cut from the inner edge of the strip.

Dodgy Glue Issues

Once the trimming was done I was ready to apply! Thanks to that lovely soft band a few minutes of being wrapped around my eyeliner created a lovely bend in the lash ready to fit. Fever Black Diamante 21203’s come with a tube of lash glue. This is a bit rubbish, although most glue included with strips is.

I don’t rate the glue included with Fever lashes, but it does do the job if you’re in a pinch. It comes with an application stick which makes much harder work of gluing the band than is necessary. I found it easier to squeeze it directly onto the band. The glue does stick quite well, except at the ends. But I find it leaves a lot of glue residue on both my lashes and lids. I prefer to use my favoured DUO glue.

A Dream To Fit

Fitting the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s was so easy it was almost a dream. Dropping the outer edge above my own lash line the rest slid into place nicely. Allow 30 – 40 seconds for the glue to dry before attempting application to make it super sticky. Once the band is in place you can use a coat of mascara to blend your own lashes into the lengths.

Wearing the 21203’s is very comfortable, they look very natural on and the light catches the diamantes beautifully. When you close your eyes, the crystals give the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s a very glitzy look. The lashes themselves are very understated and blend almost seamlessly into your own. The line of diamantes sits almost on your eyeliner line and this is quite striking.

A Striking Look

I’d be quite happy to wear the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s to the pub for a night out, or to my local club. They are not just party lashes, they can be happily worn for any big night out.

Removing the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s is easy. Soak a cotton bud in a little oil free make up remover and gently massage the end of the band. Once the end is loose, you can gently lift the strip from your eyelid.

In Summary

Caring for your Fever Black Diamante 21203’s isn’t any drama at all. Remove the residual glue from the band carefully using tweezers and place them back onto the card they came on. Caring for your 21203’s like this will mean you get plenty of wear out of them.

Latex Leather and Lace sell the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s for £3.99. For this bargain price you can afford a pair for every weekend of the month!

Thanks to the amazing people at Latex Leather and Lace for sending me the Fever Black Diamante Lashes for review. I was sent the Fever Black Diamante 21203’s free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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