Living With Pelvic Floor Problems

Weakened pelvic floor is a condition that’s generally dealt with by sniggers about Tena Lady and puddles but take it from someone that suffers it’s nothing to laugh about. When Femintimate approached me about reviewing one of their products I immediately chose the Pelvix pelvic floor dysfunction treatment having been a sufferer for years.

If you’d told me when I was younger that I’d wet myself regularly before I was 40 I’d have called you a liar. But you’d have been right. My eldest daughter was 8lb 6 and my youngest was just over 9lb. The pregnancies and births took their toll and despite following the advice and doing the Kegel exercises it wasn’t long after my youngest daughter was born that I had my first “accident”.

Trying to deal with a toddler and a new born I left it far too long to go to the toilet and to my utter horror found I couldn’t stop the warm trickle from pouring down my thighs. Once I started I just had no control at all. This was how it was to be going forward.

From that point on I had to be careful at work, more than one near miss with an unbreakable knot in my chef’s trousers left me imagining my humiliation had I not managed to undo them. I also found waking up regularly in the night quickly become a feature of my life. God help me if my dogs caught me on my way to the bathroom, that would result in clean nightwear being needed.

About The Femintimate Pelvix

The Femintimate Pelvix was sent to me by the lovely folk at It arrived very fast and in super discrete outer packaging. The customer service at is brilliant. I was sceptical as I looked at the pretty pink Femintimate Pelvix box. I’ve tried lots of Kegel toners and either found they are too heavy for me to use or they’re uncomfortable. The Pelvix system cleverly graduates the weight you’re using to be a more gentle process. The system includes weighted balls which are gradually increased as your pelvic floor strengthens. These are placed inside a silicone tear drop shaped egg and inserted into the vagina to actively exercise the Pelvic Floor muscles. 20161105_183717

The Pelvix itself is a pale baby pink colour, it has a tapered tip for easier insertion and ribbed bands around the middle where the Pelvix unscrews. The retrieval cord is coated in a plastic which makes hygiene worries over long term use unfounded. One of my main dislikes about the other Kegel toners I’ve used is that damp nylon string, it’s very hard to clean.

The Pelvix is coated in super soft medical grade silicone. This is totally body safe and hypoallergenic. The silicone is very touchable and a dream to insert. The little weighted balls are also silicone coated and in a stroke of genius they move around inside the Pelvix to increase the work out.

There are 5 grades of training with Pelvix. Femintimate encourage you to start your programme by inserting the Pelvix without a ball inside it, once you can do this comfortably then you can add a weight. The different ball weights are 15mm – 26.2g, 18mm – 34.4g and 22mm – 51.5g. The Pelvix itself weighs 17g without a weight and once you’ve mastered the top weight the balls can be combined within the Pelvix to increase the options.

I opened the Pelvix storage case and held the little silicone egg in my hand. It felt quite heavy even without a weight and I felt sure this would be a non-starter for me once again. I’m nothing if not thorough so I decided to give the Pelvix a full 3 weeks of testing before writing this review.

Week One

Starting off with just the Pelvix and no weight on morning one I coated it in a little lube and slid it inside me. I was pleased to feel it was very comfortable on insertion thanks to the tapered tip and once inserted I couldn’t feel it was there. The plastic wrapped cord can be a bit uncomfortable at first if you sit it at the wrong angle but this softens with use.

Wearing the Pelvix for a full 8 hour chefing shift really put it through its paces. During my day, I’m lifting heavy pans, squatting down to ovens and bending to pick things up. At no point was the Pelvix uncomfortable inside me. I could feel it had dropped slightly from insertion and could feel my muscles tightening around it but it was almost unconsciously. I didn’t struggle to hold the Pelvix unweighted and so decided to increase the weight the next day 20161021_065217

Day 2 I added the smallest silicone covered ball {26.2g} to the Pelvix egg. There was an immediate difference to the day before and I could notice the weight instantly. Whilst going about my shift I could feel the ball inside the Pelvix moving around. This was enjoyable and I could feel my muscles contracting as the weight shifted.

As the week went on I noticed I was less and less aware of my Pelvix inside me. At the start of the week there were moments where I was noticeably holding the Pelvix in but by the end of the first week it was effortless and I was impressed by the speed of the training of my muscles.

Week Two

At the end of my first week I inspected the Pelvix egg and was pleased to see no signs of wear and tear or anything untoward. It was as if I’d just opened it. Pleased with my progress I decided to increase the weight again and when preparing my Pelvix that morning I added the 34.4g weight. Coating it in lube I was intimidated by the greater weight. This was a considerable jump and I wondered if I’d be able to wear it all shift like I had been the week before.

As I walked to work I could feel the much heavier ball moving around. Feeling my internal muscles adjusting to the additional weight, it actually felt good. It was around this time I noticed some changes too. For the first time since my 9lb whopper was born I could control urine flow. I could actually stop mid-flow. This was a total shock to me. I certainly wasn’t expecting such an obvious difference so quickly. I could tense my pelvic floor muscles much harder and for much longer than I could before. 20161105_183633

Holding the 34.4g weight inside me got easier even quicker than the smaller weight, the first couple of days there was a conscious effort and then on around day 3 I realised towards the end of my shift that I hadn’t even thought about it. I’d forgotten I had 51g of weight inside me!

During this second week, I was travelling to London by train and wasn’t hampered at all by wearing the Pelvix and equally I did an entire photoshoot with it inside me and totally forgot it was there apart from the occasional feeling of the weight shifting as I posed.

At the end of my second week I was beginning to be seriously impressed with the Pelvix system. Id noticed my nocturnal trips to the bathroom had seriously dwindled. Not only were the benefits bladder related, I also realised my new strengthened pelvic floor was improving my orgasms immensely. I always had intense strong orgasms anyway but suddenly the contractions were crazy. My climax was longer and deeper. I couldn’t have been happier with this unexpected side effect.

Week Three

By the start of my third week I felt ready to tackle the larger weight. The 51.5g weight is a chunky weight in my opinion. The most noticeable difference with this weight was the increase in movement inside me as the weight would roll around much more than the previous weights. 

The drop, after I put the Pelvix inside me was also much more evident with this weight. Day one of this week felt a challenge. Holding it in was at times an effort. However, my newly rejuvenated pelvic floor was definitely up for the challenge.

I am currently 5 days into wearing the largest weight of the Pelvix and I already can forget I’m wearing it. Considering the weight involved that’s crazy. At no point, have I suffered any aching from wearing the Pelvix for prolonged time.

What Was The Verdict?

My experience of using the Pelvix has been nothing short of amazing and I don’t use that word lightly. Within just under a month of usage I’ve stopped having early morning “accidents” courtesy of my dogs need to say good morning to me. I’ve regained my bladder control almost to pre-pregnancy levels and have added a delicious depth to my already amazing orgasms. I’ve not had any unwanted side effects. No discomfort or irritation from wearing the Pelvix and it has in no way prevented me from going about my day to day life.

Washing the Pelvix at the end of each day is as easy as taking it apart and washing it in a neutral soap and warm water and drying off well before use. It can be awkward to open the Pelvix while it’s wet and so I recommend drying it off before trying to unscrew it. I had absolutely no issues with leaking thanks to a secure silicone gasket on the thread.

The Femintimate Pelvix system comes with its own cute little grey and pink storage case to keep the egg and weights in keeping them in mint condition. If you’re using the Pelvix don’t forget to use a water based lube with it for best results. 20161105_183701

Regaining Control

My own experiences with pelvic floor dysfunction have been misery inducing. This horrible problem affects so many women and yet it’s rarely discussed. Once I began testing the Pelvix I was talking about it to my colleagues and every woman who had had children admitted to a degree of bladder control loss after pregnancy. This is a huge amount of the female population all suffering in silence, humiliated by their own bodies betrayal of their control. If the Pelvix system can help me begin to turn that around in as little as three weeks how well could it work over 4 months?

I will continue to use Pelvix and look forward to combining the weights and hopefully continue to see benefits from this brilliant little product. If you feel like weakened pelvic floor is the bane of your life, please consider a toning program. I can’t advocate strongly enough how pleased I’ve been by the impact it’s made to my life. I finally feel like I have some control back after 11 long years.  

You can purchase the Femintimate Pelvix system from for £29.95. In my opinion this is a small price to pay for already a fortnight puddle free.

I was sent the Feminitimate Pelvix Pelvic Floor system by free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review. Thank you to Femintimate and


I’ve now been using Femintimate Pelvix Floor System for around three months and the differences are astounding. My level of pelvic floor control continues to grow week on week. I can now mix the weighted balls to great effect and considering how heavy I considered them when I first received the Pelvix this stuns me.

I have been so pleased with the results I can’t even explain the difference they’ve made to my life. I suffer no more last minute incidents at all. In fact since I begun using Pelvix I am no longer tearing down the stairs and into the bathroom the second I leave the bed. The impact on my sex life has been marked too. My orgasm is stronger and longer. The feeling of my muscles contracting around my partner or a toy increases my pleasure in so many ways.

I don’t intend to stop wearing the Pelvix system. The improvements in just three months are nothing short of life changing. My Pelvix is still in as good condition as when it arrived and just as comfortable to wear. I really wish I’d had Pelvix years ago. This takes the pain out of pelvic toning and has made me feel whole again for the first time since childhood.


  1. What an absolutely fantastic review! Definitely sharing. How brilliant that it wirks so well – perfect badder control and improved orgasms? What’s not to love 😍

  2. I’m very impressed! Wow, candy fantastic review. You’ve just made me want to try this set:) Thank you thank you thank you !!! I’ve never realised how important pelvic floor can be , especially after having kids.


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