Couples vibrators are a brilliant invention if they work. Few women orgasm from purely intercourse and this is a perfect solution to create minimum interruption for clitoral orgasms during PiV sex.

When the Eva by Dame Products arrived, I was surprised when I first opened it. Instead of a traditional vibrator tucked inside the nice little black box was what resembled a small blue bug.20161128_155213

About Eva

The Eva is a handsfree vibrator to be used either with a partner or on your own for hands free fun. Unlike a vibrating cock ring, the Eva is worn by a woman externally.

The Eva is a small tear drop shaped motor, with a raised bar running vertically down the centre of the back. To either side of The Eva extends a small thin blue arm, or wing. This gives the Eva the look of being a little character however these arms are behind the magic of the fit.20161128_155524

Appearances Can Be Deceptive

Now I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong and this is one of those cases. When I initially held the Eva two things bugged me. Firstly, how does it fit? And secondly will it stay put? I was sceptical and confused by the Eva so I did something I rarely do, I read the manual.20161128_155343

Despite my initial confusion Eva is incredibly easy to fit. It sits outside the body with the little vertical bar pressed against your clit. The little arms kind of lock under your outer labia, almost like its hugging your vulva.

Getting To Know Eva

Ok so how hard is this in practice? Well despite sounding horrendously fiddly I found it much easier than I thought it would be. Once those little arms are safely wrapped around the back of your lips it’s very easy to see how Eva works.20161128_155608

So, the fit is good. What about the vibrations? Well being so tiny I wasn’t expecting much in the way of power. But proving once again that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover Eva surprised me. Eva’s vibrations are strong and decent, the bottom setting doesn’t do much for me but the middle and top setting definitely tick my boxes.

Tiny But Powerful

Eva only has three constant vibrations settings which is a rather small choice of settings and I would like to see more variety as not everyone enjoys solid vibrations.20161128_155643

Eva is USB chargeable and comes with a USB charging cable. The charge point of EVA is at the tip of the toy and is a sealed hole, you need to kind of force the charger pin into the hole. This feels a bit dodgy and I was fearful of damaging it, however with a bit of force it slid in.

Powering Up

The Eva will need charging before use. The battery is 5V and ranges from 60 minutes of use from a full battery on high to 5 hours from a full battery on low. When the charger is plugged in the LED on Eva will blink white and remain static once you’re fully charged.20161128_155813

My first charge of Eva took about 4 hours to fully charged, handily when you’re low on charge Eva’s LED will blink red. I love this feature as nothing is more annoying than picking up your favourite toy only to find it’s out of juice.

Eva is made from medical grade silicone and so is body safe. Don’t forget to avoid silicone based lubes with Eva as this can damage the silicone. Eva isn’t waterproof so don’t submerge her in water, when cleaning wipe her off well using an antibacterial toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water.

Using Eva

So, what was Eva like in use? Initially I fitted Eva and tried her alone. Fitting Eva wasn’t an issue for me, but please remember this will very much vary from person to person as anatomy plays a huge part here. Once Eva was securely hugging my vulva and nestled against my clit I switched her on.

Eva is controlled by an indented button
Eva is controlled by an indented button

Eva only has one button and this controls all her functions. This is situated on the front of her body and is just a kind of circular dent. Pressing down on this button kicks Eva into life. Press it again to scroll through the power settings and press and hold to switch Eva off. My one main complaint about this is to apply the force needed to change the setting can be uncomfortable. Once Eva is in situ it presses quite hard against your clit.

Hands Free Fun

As Eva burst into life I quickly realised the vibrations on the low setting were not strong enough to do much for me so moved it to medium. This felt good. Eva rested nicely against my clit and the deep buzz began to build tensions in my abdomen and I loved having my hands free to play with my tits or slide my fingers inside me.20161128_155733

I started to feel the urge to cum and knew I needed more stimulation so pushed the intensity up to its full capacity. And wow.

Orgasms With Eva

Eva was sitting just to one side of my clitoris, which was perfect for me in terms of stimulation. The high setting was particularly delicious and I found my back arching as I ached to cum, however it still slightly alluded me.20161128_155305

Finally frustrated I reached down to gently hold Eva against my clit and BOOM! Instant climax and a strong orgasm too, possibly from the drawn out build up.

Improving With Use

What I’ve found with Eva is she improves with every use, the more you get to know her the better she gets. When using her during penetration I stumbled across one of my favourite things about Eva.

When you rock your legs backwards or hold them up it changes Eva’s angle and my goodness it’s great. Allowing a more direct pressure on my clit, since then I’ve found I can cum completely hands free using Eva, simply by rocking my legs back when I need more direct stimulation to push me over.20161128_155453

Eva doesn’t seem to come loose unless I’m indulging in rougher sex so for this reason I reserve her for more loving, gentler encounters. But she certainly does the job, stimulating my clit during PiV sex. Occasionally one leg of Eva may work loose but even then, she continues to stimulate and it didn’t really effect my experience of her.

Advice For Using Eva

Eva comes with a wall adaptor and a little satin storage bag, even though I really like her little gift box.20161128_155923

It’s important to remember that Eva’s arms are delicate and mustn’t be twisted or over extended. When fitting Eva for the first time it may be helpful to do so laying down and it may take a few attempts to get the fit right for you. Don’t rush this first fit as it’s important to get this right to fully experience Eva correctly.

The best advice I would give anyone using Eva is try not to judge it on its first use. I’m so glad I waited to write this review until I’d used Eva a few times as with each use my experience has got better and better.

What Did I Think?

I love the Eva. It’s a lovely little vibrator and not only does it give me crazy orgasms but it enables me the freedom to touch myself elsewhere, or penetrate myself during solo play. During PiV sex it lifts the level of sensation and having that degree of clitoral stimulation during penetration is delicious.20161128_163301

Eva is currently priced at $105 which is approximately £85. This is a lot of money and I think this is a touch too high, despite how much I like the product. However, I do enjoy using Eva and think it’s a vibrator anybody could enjoy. If you’re looking for a couple’s vibrator, then the Eva should definitely be considered. Equally I enjoy using my Eva on my own. Things I liked less about Eva include the noise level {she isn’t particularly discreet}, the fact she’s not waterproof and the price.

Despite the above issues I still love Eva and look forward to continuing to learn how to use her better and better. You can buy Eva from Dame Products for $105

Eva was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review and this in no way effects my opinion.



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