When I was sent Durex O Gel by Durex to try I was keen to give it a go. I’m a fan of sensation gels and had high expectations of this one. I was slightly less keen when I heard some of the experiences of my fellow bloggers. They often found O Gel to be far too strong for them and the tingling sensations promised more like a burning. Oh dear.

I decided to test Durex O Gel on my own, I had no intention of letting a burny sensation gel ruin a moment with my other half. Durex say O Gel is designed for women by women to enhance clitoral orgasms. I decide to put my preconceptions aside and give it a go.

Parabens and Other Worries

O Gel comes in a cute little pump action glass jar. 15ml doesn’t seem like much but Durex say there are 30 enhanced orgasms in that little jar and there is only a three months’ life on the product once open so it probably makes sense to have a smaller quantity.20170116_211230

The first thing I notice upon opening the O Gel is the strong chemical scent. It reminds me a smidge of Deep Heat, which is not exactly sexy. Checking the ingredients, I notice a few I’d rather not see. Propylene Glycol for a start, this can cause irritation in some people. Methylparaben is a paraben often used in cosmetics etc. but is now widely considered to be toxic. Parabens are linked to hormone disruption and mimic natural oestrogens that promote cancers.

Strange Scents

Durex state that just two drops of O Gel is needed on the clitoral area for stimulation. I decide in the interests of the review I’m going to try the product anyway.20170116_211248

Pumping two drops onto my finger Durex O Gel feels smooth between my fingers. The smell of muscle rub is still apparent and I wonder how that will affect the atmosphere if this was during sex. I also think back to my fellow bloggers and imagine how Deep Heat would feel smeared across my clit. It’s fair to say I’m anxious.

Experiencing O Gel

Gently rubbing the clear gel into my clit I’m stunned at how quickly the sensations begin. I found them tingly and warm and somehow cool at the same time. There is a definite effect on my clit. It immediately feels alive, responsive, stimulated.20170116_211329

There is no doubt about it O Gel does feel good on my clit. I’m aroused without even touching myself. The stimulation from the O Gel is increased when I touch myself, friction lifting the sensation further. When I introduce a bullet into the equation I find I cum within minutes. It’s certainly enhanced and stronger.

I didn’t suffer any bad effects from using O Gel nor did I find it unpleasant in any way, apart from perhaps that smell. You do really only need two drops and I wouldn’t apply more than this given the strong sensations just from that.

Not Sure About Oral

Durex say O Gel is safe for oral sex too. The smell alone puts me off the thought of ingesting O Gel however in the interests of a fair review I did try it. There is a slight chemical taste, not necessarily unpleasant just unnatural. Quickly my tongue begins to tingle and numb. I don’t like the sensation and can’t imagine how it would feel if you were going down on a clit covered in O Gel. I imagine you’d end up with a very strange tingly tongue.20170116_211422

I wouldn’t want to get O Gel inside me I don’t think so will probably keep this one just for external stimulation. O Gel is safe for use with sex toys and condoms. 15ml will cost you around £16.99 which isn’t bad for such a lot of applications.

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about O Gel. I really like the way it feels. I love the sensations. For me they are perfect and it did heighten and enhance my orgasm to great effect. However, some sensation gels have caused me side effects with long term use and I can’t help but wonder if this might be the case with Durex O Gel. Especially given that ingredients list.20170116_211308

The decision to use parabens or not is a personal one, if you are one of those people who isn’t bothered about this sort of thing then Durex O Gel is worth a try. I enjoyed it and I will finish the jar.

In Summary

Will I buy Durex O Gel again? I honestly don’t think so. I can get just as good a sensation from Sliquid Sizzle and that is totally paraben free. It’s a real shame because I do love the warming sensation from O Gel, it just seems to me most warming lubes contain ingredients most people would rather avoid.

Durex O Gel is not suitable for those that are pregnant, breast feeding or suffer from a heart condition.

It is worth remembering that results will vary with sensation gels. My fellow bloggers found a strong burning sensation using O Gel, I found it quite pleasant, I found at least one person who said it hadn’t worked at all for her. This is very much one of those things you won’t know until you try so be careful when applying it for the first time.

You can buy Durex O Gel from Lovehoney for £16.99


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