Doxy is the hallowed holy grail of sex toys. Almost everyone I know has or pines for a Doxy wand. I’m lucky enough to have the Doxy original. But despite my love for its power there were certain parts of the Doxy original I didn’t like. When I saw the Doxy baby (as it was being called at prototype) at Eroticon I knew I HAD to have one when they launched. So, the Doxy 3 found itself winging its way to me the weekend just gone.

One of my resounding memories of opening the Doxy Original was my sheer awe at the size. The Doxy 3 inspires the same level of awe but the box is half the size. Inside the slip case sits the Doxy stamped box. Opening the case I could almost hear angels singing as I revealed the Doxy 3 in all its glory.

Titanium Casing

The Doxy 3 is a little version of the Doxy Diecast, which I never bought. The body is made of an aluminium/titanium alloy casing. This is polished to a shiny, metallic finish which looks so lux. Just 11 inches in length there is a good few inches difference in length between Doxy 3 and Doxy. The Circumference is 5.75 inches. The original Doxy is 8 inches in circumference.

The body of the Doxy 3 is much lighter than the original Doxy, it lacks the weight at the head. I often find when using my original Doxy that it’s weighed down at the end. This creates wrist ache after a little while. The Doxy 3 has a much lighter head, with no gravitational tilt at the end. The lighter weight makes it much more useable.

Compact Silicone Dome

The head of the original Doxy is huge, a great big soft bulb on the end of the behemoth. This isn’t silicone but body safe PVC. This was a bit of an issue with the original Doxy, for the price tag people expected silicone. Although this was a non-porous, phthalates free PVC and the Doxy isn’t used internally silicone is expected for premium toys.

The Doxy 3 has a compact domed silicone head which unscrews for cleaning! The smaller surface area means the vibration is more concentrated and allows you to press the Doxy 3 against the side of your clit better. This is my preferred way of getting off. The vibration feels less defused than in the original, the harder head surface allows the rumbles to transfer fully.

Memory Function

Controlling the Doxy 3 is the same as the Doxy. Three LED back lit buttons on the handle make the Doxy 3 behave. The power button at the top switches the Doxy’s on and off, press and hold and you can access the awesome pulse function. The Doxy 3 starts at half power, changing this is as easy as pressing the +/- button. Doxy 3 sports the same excellent memory function as the original Doxy. This means it’ll hold onto the last setting used for when you restart it.

Doxy wands are mains operated, the Doxy 3 is no exception. A great 3 metre length cable makes sure you aren’t tied to the socket. It stretches right across my bedroom which is fabulous. Being mains operated the Doxy 3 isn’t waterproof.

Legendary Power

The Doxy is renowned for its power and the Doxy 3 doesn’t short change that at all. Despite its smaller size the Doxy 3 rumbles like a jet taking off. The same basey throb vibrates from the Doxy 3 as the original Doxy, although the power level is slightly less intense.

For me this is a good thing as I can’t take the intensity of the Doxy on full power. In fact, I can never use the original Doxy higher than half power. The reduction of power means I can use the full range of intensity offered by the Doxy 3.

Using the Doxy 3 is an experience. I strongly recommend slicking some water based lube over your clitoral area before use. Without lube the friction can be very intense and almost uncomfortable. The lube acts as a sort of buffer or cushion. Because the head of the Doxy 3 is silicone be careful to only use water based lubes as anything else could damage the surface.

Powerful Climax

Switching the Doxy 3 on I began by taking it to its lowest setting. Even this is stronger than most vibrators I own. Circling the firm silicone head around my clitoral area my body responds quickly to the sensations. The Doxy 3 vibrates through my whole lower body, as I gradually climb up the settings I can feel the pleasure growing.

I find that like the Doxy, with the Doxy 3 my climax comes from nowhere. It hits me like a train, crashing over me and making me moan loudly. I love the lighter weight of the wand. I like to be able to move the head around, circling slowly before tilting the head to press it against the side of my clit.


One of my favourite differences between the Doxy and Doxy 3 is the noise level. On the Doxy, the noise level is phenomenal. Even the lowest setting is too loud to use in a house with other people. The base travels through the bed, through the ceiling and into the room below. The top setting sounds like a plane taking off. When using my Doxy in the past my neighbour has asked me if I had a large fan running in my bedroom. It’s not at all discreet.

The Doxy 3 noise level is still louder than most vibrators but is considerably quieter than the Doxy. Although the base level is still there it’s reduced, meaning the noise travels less. Even at the top setting the Doxy 3 isn’t a patch on the original Doxy in noise. I tend to use the Doxy 3 at half speed, this is disguisable enough to use it in a busy house.

Universal Fun

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a clitoris to enjoy a Doxy 3. The rumbly vibrations are perfect for holding against the frenulum to create orgasms that are out of this world. The smaller size makes it awesome for perineal stimulation as well. In fact, just like the original Doxy, Doxy 3 is fully universal.

For me the Doxy 3 is a total winner. As much as I love the original Doxy, it’s not very useable for me. I have a busy house which is often full of teenagers. The amount of time I have home alone is very limited. Given the amount of money a Doxy costs I want to be able to use it as often as possible.

Built to last and super premium feeling the Doxy 3 is a must have on Christmas wish lists. I recommend Doxy to almost everyone, but I shall be particularly recommending the Doxy 3. This is a complete upgrade for me. You can buy the Doxy 3 at Lovehoney for £119.00.

Doxy 3
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