I’ve tried a few massage candles. I love the sensation of stroking oil across my partners skin. And I love spoiling him even more. So testing one for the amazing Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel has absolutely made my month. The Dona by Jo Let Me Tease You Tropical Tease Scented Massage Candle is easily the best one we’ve tried so far.

Solero Nights

The smell is so strong and fruity, it puts me in mind of warm nights and Solero ice cream. I’d use this just as a scented candle alone to be honest. It smells beautiful and fills my bedroom with a gorgeous scent.

The oil it produces when it burns is sensual and perfumed. I loved drizzling the hot fluid over his back and arse, hearing him moan. It glides across the skin wonderfully and doesn’t leave a greasy coating to the skin.

Read The Review

You can read my full review at Cara Sutra. Check out what I liked and disliked and my resulting score for the Dona by Jo Tropical Tease Let Me Tease You Scented Massage Candle.


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