Flavoured lube is something I’ve never really enjoyed. It’s always a bit too synthetic or sickly and to be honest I prefer not to mask the taste of a lover, for me that’s all part of the experience of oral that I love so much. But when I saw Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion I was definitely intrigued. I’ve tried sensation lubes and creams before and to be honest I’ve always found them a little flat in terms of use. The reviews were good for these so we decided to have a try ourself.


Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion comes in a selection pack of 5 exciting flavours, cherry, mango, tropical, passion fruit and strawberry. There is something to please pretty much any taste bud. The little flip cap bottles are 28ml in size which doesn’t sound much but there are 5 and I prefer to have a choice of flavours and less quantity of each if I’m honest. The packaging was simple but bright and attractive and reminded me of holidays and cocktails which was a good start to be fair.


The real selling point of Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion is the Hot bit.  Doc Johnson say the Motion Lotion warms up when touched and when blown on heats even more. I was sceptical about this claim. I didn’t want to inflict a deep heat style blow job on him but at the same time I’m so used to these kinds of gimmicks falling flat. In terms of taste all 5 were pretty nice with my least favourite being the strawberry flavour as it tasted the most synthetic. They were bright, fruity and not at all sickly. The passion fruit and mango flavours were that nice I’d have considered putting them on ice cream.


Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion is suitable for vegetarians, which being one is a subject close to my heart. They are water based and totally safe for use with condoms and for swallowing. Doc Johnson state these are safe for anal use as well. Selecting my two favourite flavours (passionfruit and mango) I settled down to give them a thorough testing (it’s a hard job but someone has to do it!).


The first thing I noticed about Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion is you really don’t need a lot. I squirted a small amount of the mango flavour Hot Motion Lotion onto the head of his cock and watched it dribbled down the sides, I was actually tempted to just lick it off then and there but decided to test the warming capabilities first. Stroking my hand up his length to spread the brightly coloured orange liquid I quickly gauged by his reaction it was good. He literally gasped and grabbed the chair. The smell of mangos was absolutely mouth-watering and as I switched from stroking his cock to licking it I was pleased to find the taste was just as delicious licked from the skin. It definitely warmed up. Even on my tongue I could feel the gentle heat as I licked and sucked every drop of the mango goodness from his cock and balls, listening to him voice his appreciation while I did so. We went on to have sex after and I can honestly say I didn’t feel any effects of the lube once I’d licked and sucked him clean. Neither of us were sticky and there was no unpleasant after effects.


Determined to try both my chosen flavours and wishing I’d finished the job to completion, an hour or so later I found myself stroking his hard cock and reaching for the Passion Fruit Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion. Once again I was impressed how much a little went a long way, watching the glorious pink liquid dribble down his cock had my mouth-watering. Once again I spread the passion fruit lube up his length with my hand, activating the warming sensation and sending his cock into spasms, I wanted to take my time this time, I wanted to tease and really test the Hot Motion Lotion. Leaning forward I gently blew on the head of his cock, he told me afterwards this heated the Hot Motion Lotion significantly but not at all unpleasantly giving him a thrilling warming tingling feeling, flicking my tongue across his frenulum to increase the heat to that delicate area. His reaction was utterly delicious as I teased the length of his cock, blowing and licking to alternate the heat. Not forgetting to run my tongue across his balls to collect any stray dribbled lube.  Once the initial heat had begun to wear off I drew his cock into my mouth and sucked him deeply. The taste of passion fruit was strong enough to last the entire length of the blow job, which was fairly drawn out and even when he came I found it too slightly tasted of the fruity lube as I swallowed it hungrily. Once again there were no bad after effects. Neither of us were sticky or felt uncomfortable despite several reviews saying Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion left them feeling this way. I can only think this is down to using too much or inadequate licking to remove it. 


He said he was seriously impressed with the impact Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion had on our oral play and his breathless exclamation of “I’m so fucking lucky” whilst I enjoyed sucking him left me purring like a total sex kitten. I seriously recommend Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion even though I’ve never liked flavoured lubes the sensation of these is mind-blowing and with 5 bottles and such a little going such a long way I think they are brilliant value for money at £9.99 working out just £2.00 a bottle. The only potential problem I could see with Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion is those lovely bright colours could potentially stain white bedding or clothes, although we didn’t have any problems with this. These would be brilliant for someone like me that really loves oral and is looking to spice things up or even someone who isn’t keen as the strong taste and smell would probably make it more palatable for them.  I can’t wait to let him try the next two flavours out on me. I give Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion a scorching  10/10 there is literally nothing I dislike about this product. I would absolutely love it if Doc Johnson could find a way to do a similar Cool Motion Lotion set to go with it. You can purchase Doc Johnson Hot Motion Lotion 5 pack for  £9.99 from Lovehoney

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    • Hi Posy, I wouldn’t advise using these lubes for penetrative play given the ingredients they may cause irritation and yeast infections. The heating sensation is great but if you’re prone to thrush etc these kinds of lubes are a nightmare.


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