Usually I have a love/hate relationship with wands. So, when So Divine sent me the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand I wasn’t sure what to expect. But was excited to try it.

The packaging of the So Divine products I’ve reviewed so far have all been fresh and modern looking and this is no exception. Inside the pink geometric patterned box sits the Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand itself. As soon as I open the lid I realise this isn’t like your normal wand.

A Perfect Sized Head

The first thing which really grabs my attention is the size of the wand head. My previous issues with wands have been because the large flat heads don’t offer anything for my clit to rub against. I find myself trying the angle the wand to achieve the correct placement against my clit. This can be awkward if the wand is large or heavy.

Straight away I can tell the smaller head will angle against my clit in a much better way. Lifting the Sweetest Taboo wand out of the box I’m pleased to note it’s lightweight as well. The smooth sleek design feels great in my hand. The Sweetest Taboo is pink in colour, which as regular readers will know is my colour of choice for everything. It’s a nice bright, unbroken pink with a fresh look to it.

Body Safe and Rechargeable

The Sweetest Taboo is USB rechargeable, and So Divine supply a USB charging cable with it. The charge point is magnetic and the connectors are on the back of the handle up by the wand head. I gave my Sweetest Taboo a full charge before my first use. It took about 2 hours to charge and this gives you around 120 minutes of play.

Covered in phthalates and latex free body safe silicone, the Sweetest Taboo feels great. Very soft and silky against my skin. But with that little bit of grab which some silicone offers as an extra bit of friction. As I stroke the handle I quickly realise that this is insertable! The handle itself can be used for penetration.


Dual Purpose Fun

There is a slight upward curve to the handle which helps with G spot stimulation. Measuring 9.5 inches in total length the insertable handle offers a good depth of penetration. With a diameter of 1.65 inches however, it’s not the girthiest vibrator. But bearing in mind it’s a dual purpose toy this is possibly me being picky.

Situated halfway up the handle, on the inside of the curve sit the controls. At first I think I know how these work, however I’m not the clever clogs I think I am. There are three buttons. A power button surrounded by two arrow buttons. I assume the arrows are to increase and decrease the power, I’m wrong.

Independently Controlled Motors

One of the features which make the Sweetest Taboo a bit special is it has dual motors. The arrow buttons are to control the individual motors. The down arrow controls the motor in the handle, whilst the up arrow allows you to scroll the settings in the wand head.

Each motor offers you three constant speeds and seven pattern variations. The vibrations in the handle seems more diffused than the wand head. Possibly because they’re spread through the shaft as opposed to being focused in one area. The wand head collects the vibrations nicely and focuses them into the tip. There is a very dull point to the tip, which I really enjoy.

Strong Vibrations

The vibrations feel strong and even before I’ve tried the Sweetest Taboo I’m in no doubt I’m going to enjoy using it. I recommend using a slick of lube with any wand but avoid silicone based lubes as they will damage the surface of the wand. The flat surface and vibrations together can feel a bit pinchy after a little while if you don’t use lube. 

Using the Sweetest Taboo wand was great fun. The dual purpose gave me more scope during play. Sliding the handle inside me I was delighted to feel the shaft stimulating my G Spot delicately. I didn’t think the curve would be deep enough but maybe it’s the angle of penetration I’m using. The vibrations tease my insides inducing gasps of pleasure from me.

Layers of Arousal

I really enjoyed building the layers of my arousal using the Sweetest Taboo. I used the handle to thrust and penetrate myself almost to the point of orgasm and then stopped and switched to the wand head. The head nestles alongside my clit like a dream, allowing me to get a much better purchase against it than a larger head.

Starting off on the slower speeds my already throbbing clit is sighing in delight as the vibrations pulse through me. I found I didn’t even need the patterns, the steady speeds bought me to a deliciously strong climax. Whacking the setting up to one of the patterns it was easy to extend this into a string of multiple orgasms.

Discreet and Waterproof

Despite being quite powerful the Sweetest Taboo is very discreet. Even on its highest settings the volume wasn’t noticeable through my closed bedroom door. As a mum of two nosy teenagers this is really important to me when buying toys.

The Sweetest Taboo is fully waterproof, meaning not only is it a breeze to clean but you can use it in the shower or bath without any problems. So Divine include a lovely little storage bag with the Sweetest Taboo. I really like this, it makes storage so much easier as I can keep the USB cable with the wand.

In Summary

So Divine sell the Sweetest Taboo magic wand for £54.99 which is a great price for a rechargeable wand. If I were to suggest an improvement for the Sweetest Taboo magic wand it would be to make the handle slightly girthier for penetration. It’s a small complaint but it would make a difference.

The Sweetest Taboo would make a perfect first wand for someone as it’s so user-friendly. However, even as an avid sex toy collector I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Sweetest Taboo.

Thank you so much to the fabulous people at So Divine for sending me the Sweetest Taboo magic wand to review. This product was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest impartial review.

So Divine Sweetest Taboo Magic Wand
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