Rabbit vibrators come in all different variations, twirling, waving, rotating etc. They mostly have some USP to set them apart. When So Divine emailed me asking if I’d like to try their new rabbit the Let’s Go Crazy I was chuffed. Even more so to read this one had a warming function! Also, great name, right?

I’ve reviewed quite a few items for So Divine and so wasn’t surprised to see the familiar pretty purple Ombre box when it arrived. The Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit looks very much like your standard modern rabbit vibrator.

An 8-inch total length gives the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit quite impressive stature. The internal arm is 4.5 inches with a very slight inward curve to it. At the widest point the girth is also 4.5 inches. The clit arm is 2 inches long with quite a wide outward reach.

Grabby Silicone

Covered in extremely soft deep purple matt silicone it’s quite grabby. Picking up every hair within its reach. The silicone is very silky despite its grabby tendencies and touching it feels amazing.

The neck of the clit arm is very flexible, this is something I always look for in a rabbit vibrator. It’s extremely hard to make a dual stimulator which fits every anatomy. Usually if the clit arm hits the mark the internal arm isn’t quite deep enough or vice versa. A flexible neck allows more of a customisable fit. Allowing you to move the clit arm back further to give perfect reach or to the left or right whichever is your preferred area of stimulation.

Boasting two motors the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit has a decent amount of power, especially on the internal arm. As is so often the way the clit arm has less powerful vibes than the internal one. However, that said there is still a good amount of vibration in the clitoral arm, certainly enough to make me cum.

Pulse Patterns

The vibrations are set in 7 pulse patterns. Some of these switch between the two motors in creative ways which creates amazing stimulation. Once you’ve selected the pattern that you like there are three speed settings within that. This offers a wide variety of choice in tailoring your Let’s Go Crazy experience.

The controls are situated on the handle of the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit. There are 5 buttons. A power button in the centre wakes the bunny up. Above that is the pattern button, and to either side a +/- to control the speed. At the bottom is the heat button.

Turn Up The Heat

You may ask why a vibrator would need a heat function, trust me it’s a very welcome addition. The Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit gradually warms to 37-38 degrees, body temperature. This gives it a lifelike feeling. The additional sensation created by the gentle heat is delicious. The warming is best felt inside you, where what was very subtle in your hand suddenly feels more obvious.

Inside me the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit was a great fit. Sliding the shaft inside initially I thought it was going to be a near miss, but this is where the flexi clit arm came into its own. Flexing the arm back allowed me to tilt the internal shaft back towards my front wall perfectly. Creating a real “Oooohhhh” moment when the vibrations hit my G Spot.

The clit arm sits perfectly next to my clit as is my preference. I scrolled through the settings until I found a flickering pulsey setting which felt brilliant. Despite my initial concerns to the depth of the clit vibrations, the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit stimulated me beautifully.

Fluttering Vibrations

Fluttering clitoral vibrations teased me to the brink whilst the stronger internal motor thrummed away deep inside me, stroking my G Spot to life. It didn’t take long for me to achieve a strong and delicious orgasm which had me shaking and panting like a dehydrated spaniel.

The heat function really changes the way the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit felt to me. It lifts the experience from “just another rabbit” to “oooh that’s good”. I did worry at first that the heat was too subtle but as I said once it’s inside you its amazing.

When it’s inside you that heat permeates your labia in a crazy good way. It feels almost as though the shaft becomes one with me when I cum. This sounds a little dramatic, but it is genuinely how it felt. The body temperature match must be so good it literally feels like part of me when I’m using it.

Body-Safe & Waterproof

Being silicone, the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit is totally body-safe and phthalate free. It also means its only compatible with water based lubes. So, be careful which bottle you grab when in the throes of passion. Silicone or hybrid lubes will damage the surface of your bunny.

As with most of the toys from So Divine the Let’s Go Crazy is waterproof, which means it’s a great bath buddy or shower pal. It also makes cleaning that grabby silicone a breeze. Just pop it in a sink with some hot water and antibac soap.

Volume is something which I automatically check for when I first switch on a new toy. I was pleasantly surprised by the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit. There is a little noise when the vibrator is in your hand but once inside you it’s impossible to hear through the bedroom door even without a television on. I love this.

In Summary

My experiences with the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit have been nothing but positive. It makes me cum reliably and in a reasonable amount of time. I enjoy the waves of pleasure as the Let’s Go Crazy works all my pleasure zones at once and the climax is a good, strong one.

If I was going to suggest a change it would be stronger clit vibrations. Whilst they still make me cum I think the Let’s Go Crazy clit vibes are a little on the shallow side. It would benefit from a deeper clitoral vibration.

The So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit is USB rechargeable and comes with a magnetic charging cable and a storage bag. They also include a USB plug which is fabulous as I run out of these all the time with the number of devices I charge via USB.

So Divine sell the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit for £64.99 which in typical So Divine fashion is much less than I expected it to cost. Given the functions offered this is a steal!

Thank you so much to the fabulous people at So Divine for sending me the Let’s Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

So Divine Lets Go Crazy Vibrating Rabbit
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