I like to add my own girly spin to my own brand of kink. So, when it came to looking for a collar I knew I wanted something different. Enter stage right CollarCollar. When perusing the CollarCollar site I found a collar that was so me it should have been called Candy’s Collar.

CollarCollar specialise in beautiful bespoke handmade collars. Their site is packed full of all kinds of unique and beautiful collars in a wide range of colours and styles. From Victorian lace style collars to black leather diamante studded ones, there is something to suit every submissive’s style.

Lovehearts for Candy

The particular collar which caught my eye was a baby pink collar with a Loveheart sweet charm. Given that I have Lovehearts tattooed all over my sleeve this felt like it was fate.

When my collar arrived, I was absolutely over the moon with it. Mel at CollarCollar had remained in touch with me throughout the process which had taken longer than normal due to a charm supply issue. To make up for the delay and a slight change in original design, she had thoughtfully included a selection of charms and a beautiful storage box. With such fantastic customer service I, certainly wasn’t unhappy.

Measuring about an inch in width my collar was the most beautiful shade of pale candy pink. The vegan leather was clearly of a good quality with nice strong stitching. The tag is fully removable hanging from a nice solid O ring which is the perfect size for the collar.

Dainty Femininity

Hanging from the O ring is a dainty little pink Loveheart sweet style charm reading “Spoil Me” which is an appropriate slogan for a bratty princess such as myself. The charm is totally removable and CollarCollar sell crystal charms or engraved tags to add to any collar you purchase. These are a beautiful way to increase a collars usage. You can have ones suitable for the bedroom or play and then ones for more everyday use. Turning your collar into more like a fashion accessory.

The reverse of the collar is softer than the front, which is nice against the skin. In fact, the collar is very comfortable when worn and substantial enough to be worn during play. I love the fact that it matches my pink leather handcuffs.

Chrome and Crystals

The buckle and hardware are chrome coloured and again is the perfect size for the dainty collar. I would imagine it’s very easy to over-power a collar of just an inch in width. When ordering your collar, you need to supply your neck measurements to ensure a perfect fit. My collar came with 5 holes to adjust the fit to my comfort.

My man loves the way my collar looks on me, he finds it very sexy and I adore the way it feels and looks. It’s extremely pretty and feminine, which for me is important in keeping my identity whilst enjoying my kink. I love changing the charm to suit my mood, it’s so versatile and I’ve since ordered a pink crystal heart to add to it.

Customisable Collars

CollarCollar run an extremely customisable service. You can choose all kinds of aspects to make your collar personal to you, as indeed it should be. Since ordering my Loveheart collar I have received a second CollarCollar item, this time from my man and they were very accommodating in terms of specific engraving requirements etc.

My Loveheart collar cost £12.95 which is an amazing price for something this pretty. It’s extremely comfortable and I feel like it’s so “me” I couldn’t find a better fit. If you are collared and looking for something a bit unique for either playtime or a day collar, then you should definitely visit CollarCollar.


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