Wands are most people’s fail-safe way to guarantee an orgasm. So, when Orion Versand sent me the Close2You Rilassamento wand the unusual shape had me wondering how it would work for me. Arriving in a simple white box with a product image on the front the Rilassamento wand doesn’t look like any of the wands I own.

Its head is 7 inches in circumference and the total length is 8.5 inches so it’s not a massive bit of kit. Unlike lots of wands the Close2You Rilassamento isn’t particularly heavy either. Although as you’d expect the weight leans towards the head.

Body Safe Silicone

Apart from a very small part at the base of the head and top of the body, the entire Close2You Rilassamento wand is covered in silicone. This makes the Rilassamento body safe which is great. Even though I won’t be using the wand internally it will still be non-porous.

The silicone is a deep purple in colour, it’s not bright, more a plum type colour. It feels very soft and extremely matt in nature. It grabs everything it encounters. Hair, fluff, dust etc. This matt surface creates an awesome friction across the top of the head. It’s a bonus for the Rilassamento during use.

Wavy Ridges

Across the head are raised wavy ridges, these are intended to add texture. They aren’t very pronounced and I’m a bit dubious when I first see them as to how effective they’ll be. They vary in how close they run giving you different sensations all over the head. The centre of the top of the head is pattern free, I guess this is, so you can still use the Rilassamento if you’re not into texture clitorally.

The neck of the Close2You Rilassamento has a flexible neck covered by bands of silicone. Straight away I think this is going to be a bitch to clean. The bands are concertina-like in effect and making sure you clean between them is difficult to say the least. The flexibility in the neck is good.

Delayed Reaction

The handle is a decent size and thickness, ensuring no grip problems. Especially given the grabby silicone covering. The controls sit on the front of this handle. They consist of two buttons, one to start the Rilassamento and one to move through the settings.

On switching the Close2You Rilassamento on there is a slight delay before the vibration kicks in. This also applies to switching it off. When I counted there is about 3 seconds to this which doesn’t sound like much but is a lifetime if you need to get it off quickly.

Rumbly Vibes

The Close2You Rilassamento offers seven settings, three of these are steady speeds and four are wavy patterns. The vibrations are a lot stronger than I was expecting. My favourite setting was the third steady speed, I’m not a fan of patterns as any regular readers will know. This was the strongest steady speed and it was plenty for me.

One thing I really loved about the Close2You Rilassamento was there was no vibration transference to my hand. Despite the strength of the vibes in the head. I had none of the dreaded finger tingle and this made all the difference in terms of prolonged use.

Universal Application

The awesome thing about a wand is it’s so universal in application. It can be used on anyone. The smaller head on the Rilassamento makes it perfect for using on the perineum, against the frenulum, or anus, or anywhere where there are lots of nerve endings. The rumbly vibrations penetrate deep into the body and feel so good.

For me the Close2You Rilassamento was amazing clitorally. I prefer my stimulation to be alongside my clit as opposed to on top. And the smaller surface area and flexible neck allowed me to angle the head against this spot with no problems. To my surprise I could feel the ridges and gently rubbing them against my clit for added stimulation felt delicious. I climaxed with no problem at all using the Rilassamento wand. It was an effort free deep and delicious orgasm, I enjoyed it so much I treated myself to a few more.


The Close2You Rilassamento wand is USB rechargeable and comes with a charging cable. This plugs into a sealed charge port at the base of the wand. You need to kind of force the pin into the silicone to make the connection so don’t be afraid to do this.

Close2You say the Rilassamento uses Optigasm technology which uses high and low frequencies to create deep penetrating vibrations. I can honestly say I didn’t think the vibrations felt different to rumbly vibrations I’ve felt in other wands. But they were very deep and did spread into my abdomen.

Clean Up

The Close2You Rilassamento is waterproof which is great as it means you can use it in the shower or bath. It also makes cleaning the Rilassamento easier which is good news as it is a bit of a bitch to clean. Not only is the neck a cleaning niggle but those lovely raised ridges harbour a fair bit of lube and gunk too. When cleaning you will need to pay special attention to these areas as it can appear to be clean and then when it dries you’re like… oh maybe not. At least being waterproof you can chuck it in the sink and give it a good scrub.

I loved using the Close2You Rilassamento wand, Orion Versand sell this rumbly little darling for 69.95€.

Thank you so much to the amazing folk at Orion Versand for sending me the Close2You Rilassamento Wand for review. I was sent this item free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.



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