Sinful Sunday


Find our submissions for #SinfulSunday below.

Amongst The Roses… #SinfulSunday

I've always thought of myself as a thorn in many people's sides. So maybe this is where I belong... Amongst the roses. See who else is sinning by clicking the kiss ">

Like A Second Skin… #SinfulSunday

A second skin, I love how latex clings to my curves. Like static silk with a glossy shine. Smooth and inviting to the fingers, almost naked but not quite. Externally cool and impassive, internally hot and sticky. And that's just the latex... See who else is sinning by clicking the kiss ???? ">

Hurry Home Honey… #SinfulSunday

Hurry home honey... I hope the traffic isn't too bad. I'd hate to have to be a bad girl and start without you... Who else will be sinning this Sunday ? Click the kiss to see more. ???? ">

Caged. #SinfulSunday

Caged. Not by steel, but by ribbon. Not by bars, but by distance. Waiting for him to uncage my desire and set me free. See who else is sinful this Sunday by clicking the kiss ???? ">

Two Views #SinfulSunday

One outfit... two views. Snatching a selfie for him during my Dollhouse shoot. I'm not teasing, I prefer to think of it as a preview... Who else is having a Sinful Sunday? Click the kiss to find the sinners! ">

Lace #SinfulSunday

Lace frames my curves and caresses my skin. All that's missing is him... Who else is sinning this Sunday? Click the kiss to see ???? ">

And Relax… #SinfulSunday

Sometimes it's nice to have some down time. To recharge. Have a nice hot bath and relax... To see who else is sinning this Sunday click on the kiss ">

While He’s Not Here… #SinfulSunday

Missing his touch. My body aches to feel his fingers graze across my skin. I must meet that need so while he’s not here my fingers will take the place of his… and tease him with promise of things to come…   Who else is playing #SinfulSunday this week? Click the kiss….   >    

Prickles On My Skin… #SinfulSunday 

The shining tines trace a path across my delicate skin, leaving snakes of sensation chasing up my thighs. Anticipating where the wheel will next travel... shivering with the pleasure it leaves behind, making colours dance in my vision.   Who else is sinning this Sunday? Click on the kiss to find out! ???? ">