Sinful Sunday


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I’m a Slave 4 U… Sinful Sunday

I'm a slave 4 U... I can not hold it, I can not control it... I'm a slave 4 U... I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it... Click the kiss to see the other sinners... ????

Keeping Me in Suspense. #SinfulSunday

What is it about suspenders that makes him want to ping them? Stretched across that softest skin. Functional by design and yet so painfully sexy. When he runs his hand up my leg and pauses... Just before he snaps them sharply against my thigh... holding me in suspense whilst playing with my suspenders. Click the kiss to see...

Helpless… #SinfulSunday

Laying here in the semi darkness waiting for him to touch me. I can hear his breathing. I can sense him watching me. The anticipation grows and so do the butterflies as I lay spread out before him. Totally helpless. Who else is sinning this sunday? click the kiss and find out. ">  

Simply His… #SinfulSunday

Simply his... Owned. Collared. His. Click the kiss to see the other sinners... ???? ">

The Heels Stay On… #SinfulSunday

That's it baby girl... everything but the heels... the heels stay on. Click the kiss to check out the other sinners ???? ">

Empty… #SinfulSunday

They look almost sad. Hanging there. A reminder of how you were in my bed just a short while before and I felt content and fulfilled. Just like the cuffs. And now they, like my bed... and my heart are temporarily empty. Click below to see the other sinners. >

Reflection… Sinful Sunday

A New Year is a great time for reflection... What lessons did I learn from the year just gone... What will my reflection show me this time next year?.. Who else is sinning? Click the kiss and find out... "> 

Anticipation… #SinfulSunday

I love the preparation. Like wrapping a gift. The butterflies in my stomach as I fasten my suspenders. The anticipation of his touch... it drives me crazy. See who else is sinning by clicking the kiss ???? ">

All Wrapped Up In A Bow. #SinfulSunday

All wrapped up with a bow. Just for him. Happy Christmas Darling. Click on the kiss to find the other sinners... ???? ">

Amongst The Roses… #SinfulSunday

I've always thought of myself as a thorn in many people's sides. So maybe this is where I belong... Amongst the roses. See who else is sinning by clicking the kiss ">