Sinful Sunday


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Suede Kiss. Sinful Sunday

Delicate, stroking soft fronds tickle gently over my skin. I close my eyes enjoying the sensation. The caress of the suede. The calm before the storm. Suddenly it stops. Anticipation jangles every nerve. I hear the swish in the air seconds before the suede cracks across my waiting arse. And the glow of it's kiss...

Do As You’re Told… #SinfulSunday

When you don't do as you're told there are always consequences... I love the bruises that kiss my skin for days after, a permanent reminder of his punishment for my bad behaviour.   See who else is playing by clicking on the kiss...

Reflection… Sinful Sunday

A New Year is a great time for reflection... What lessons did I learn from the year just gone... What will my reflection show me this time next year?.. Who else is sinning? Click the kiss and find out... "> 

Like A Second Skin… #SinfulSunday

A second skin, I love how latex clings to my curves. Like static silk with a glossy shine. Smooth and inviting to the fingers, almost naked but not quite. Externally cool and impassive, internally hot and sticky. And that's just the latex... See who else is sinning by clicking the kiss ???? ">

Well-Read – #SinfulSunday

Don’t you just love being warm inside, when it’s freezing out? Relaxing, reading a little erotica. Getting yourself in the mood for some fun. Forget the cold nights, lets heat things up. As the long nights draw in I find I don’t always want to Netflix and Chill. Sometimes I want to indulge in a...

Switch – Sinful Sunday 10/12/17

I recently wrote about why I love being a Switch. It really is having your cake and eating it. It's not that I don't want a preference I simply don't have one. How can I choose when I love both sides of the coin equally. No one role suits me best, I want to...

Do Not Adjust Your Set – #SinfulSunday

Sometimes a suggestion is better than the blatant. A hint, a tease to get the imagination firing. The power of a filthy mind is a wonderful thing. The flash of a curve, the sheen of the satin, oh such heady luscious dreams to fill your mind and waste your day. Let’s not rush to always...

“Send Me A Picture” – #SinfulSunday

"Send me a picture..." "I'm in bed ffs" "And? Show me..." The rays of light were only visible on the photo. Funny how things develop. Sometimes something isn't always visible to the eye, but it's there. Unseen. Unspoken. Just waiting to be noticed when the time is right. Hiding in the half light where it's safe. I sent...

I’m a Slave 4 U… Sinful Sunday

I'm a slave 4 U... I can not hold it, I can not control it... I'm a slave 4 U... I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it... Click the kiss to see the other sinners... ????

Anticipation… #SinfulSunday

I love the preparation. Like wrapping a gift. The butterflies in my stomach as I fasten my suspenders. The anticipation of his touch... it drives me crazy. See who else is sinning by clicking the kiss ???? ">