Sinful Sunday


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Two Views #SinfulSunday

One outfit... two views. Snatching a selfie for him during my Dollhouse shoot. I'm not teasing, I prefer to think of it as a preview... Who else is having a Sinful Sunday? Click the kiss to find the sinners! ">

I Got a Feeling… – #SinfulSunday 17/12/17

"I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night, That tonight's gonna be a good night, That tonight's gonna be a good good night..." For me getting ready for a special night is almost as exciting as the event itself. Starting with selecting my chosen outfit, will it be sexy and slutty or demure and...

Waiting for Daddy… -#SinfulSunday 14/01/18

It’s so hard waiting for Daddy. I wish he could just stay here all the time and play. When he’s here we have so much fun. Sometimes I like to be a bad girl just, so Daddy will punish me. My puppy dog eyes and pout cut no ice with him when I’ve been...

Reflection… Sinful Sunday

A New Year is a great time for reflection... What lessons did I learn from the year just gone... What will my reflection show me this time next year?.. Who else is sinning? Click the kiss and find out... "> 

Over Exposed – #SinfulSunday

Usually we associate light with illumination. For me this image is about hiding in plain sight. I'm perhaps more exposed than normal, you could say over exposed. Find out who else is sinning this Sunday by clicking the lips!  

Patricia the Stripper – #SinfulSunday

When I was a child my mum was obsessed with Chris De Burgh, to be honest I loathed most of his stuff, but she played it non-stop. When I took this set of Sinful Sunday pics much to my amusement I found myself singing this song. So, it really needs to go in the...

Do As You’re Told… #SinfulSunday

When you don't do as you're told there are always consequences... I love the bruises that kiss my skin for days after, a permanent reminder of his punishment for my bad behaviour.   See who else is playing by clicking on the kiss...

Caged. #SinfulSunday

Caged. Not by steel, but by ribbon. Not by bars, but by distance. Waiting for him to uncage my desire and set me free. See who else is sinful this Sunday by clicking the kiss ???? ">

The Heels Stay On… #SinfulSunday

That's it baby girl... everything but the heels... the heels stay on. Click the kiss to check out the other sinners ???? ">

Assume the Position. – #SinfulSunday 21/01/18

"Show me that ass, slut" he barks and I know better than to hesitate. I assume the position. Up on my hands and knees like a good little kitten. And there I stay under the weight of his stare. Unable to see him. My nerves come alive with the excitement of what I think is...