Sinful Sunday


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Lace #SinfulSunday

Lace frames my curves and caresses my skin. All that's missing is him... Who else is sinning this Sunday? Click the kiss to see ???? ">

Waiting for Daddy… -#SinfulSunday 14/01/18

It’s so hard waiting for Daddy. I wish he could just stay here all the time and play. When he’s here we have so much fun. Sometimes I like to be a bad girl just, so Daddy will punish me. My puppy dog eyes and pout cut no ice with him when I’ve been...

While He’s Not Here… #SinfulSunday

Missing his touch. My body aches to feel his fingers graze across my skin. I must meet that need so while he’s not here my fingers will take the place of his… and tease him with promise of things to come…   Who else is playing #SinfulSunday this week? Click the kiss….   >    

Defiant #SinfulSunday

"Assume the position"... He barks. And I know what I'm meant to do. And yet today I feel different. I will not bow my head. I will not lower my eyes. Today the brat in me is wide awake and out to play. And she tells me to be defiant. Who else is sinning? Click the...

“Send Me A Picture” – #SinfulSunday

"Send me a picture..." "I'm in bed ffs" "And? Show me..." The rays of light were only visible on the photo. Funny how things develop. Sometimes something isn't always visible to the eye, but it's there. Unseen. Unspoken. Just waiting to be noticed when the time is right. Hiding in the half light where it's safe. I sent...

I Got a Feeling… – #SinfulSunday 17/12/17

"I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night, That tonight's gonna be a good night, That tonight's gonna be a good good night..." For me getting ready for a special night is almost as exciting as the event itself. Starting with selecting my chosen outfit, will it be sexy and slutty or demure and...

Two Views #SinfulSunday

One outfit... two views. Snatching a selfie for him during my Dollhouse shoot. I'm not teasing, I prefer to think of it as a preview... Who else is having a Sinful Sunday? Click the kiss to find the sinners! ">

Simply His… #SinfulSunday

Simply his... Owned. Collared. His. Click the kiss to see the other sinners... ???? ">

And Relax… #SinfulSunday

Sometimes it's nice to have some down time. To recharge. Have a nice hot bath and relax... To see who else is sinning this Sunday click on the kiss ">