Sinful Sunday


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Anyone for Pudding? AKA Patricia the Stripper the Festive Edit – #SinfulSunday

When I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for Christmas Eve Sinful Sunday I wanted something seasonal. Something to celebrate the year coming to a close. Seeing as Patricia The Stripper was one of my most popular Sinful Sunday posts it seemed a perfect choice for a festive revisit. Regular visitors to...

The Heels Stay On… #SinfulSunday

That's it baby girl... everything but the heels... the heels stay on. Click the kiss to check out the other sinners ???? ">

Caged. #SinfulSunday

Caged. Not by steel, but by ribbon. Not by bars, but by distance. Waiting for him to uncage my desire and set me free. See who else is sinful this Sunday by clicking the kiss ???? ">

Well-Read – #SinfulSunday

Don’t you just love being warm inside, when it’s freezing out? Relaxing, reading a little erotica. Getting yourself in the mood for some fun. Forget the cold nights, lets heat things up. As the long nights draw in I find I don’t always want to Netflix and Chill. Sometimes I want to indulge in a...

Waiting for Daddy… -#SinfulSunday 14/01/18

It’s so hard waiting for Daddy. I wish he could just stay here all the time and play. When he’s here we have so much fun. Sometimes I like to be a bad girl just, so Daddy will punish me. My puppy dog eyes and pout cut no ice with him when I’ve been...

Two Views #SinfulSunday

One outfit... two views. Snatching a selfie for him during my Dollhouse shoot. I'm not teasing, I prefer to think of it as a preview... Who else is having a Sinful Sunday? Click the kiss to find the sinners! ">

Lace #SinfulSunday

Lace frames my curves and caresses my skin. All that's missing is him... Who else is sinning this Sunday? Click the kiss to see ???? ">

Assume the Position. – #SinfulSunday 21/01/18

"Show me that ass, slut" he barks and I know better than to hesitate. I assume the position. Up on my hands and knees like a good little kitten. And there I stay under the weight of his stare. Unable to see him. My nerves come alive with the excitement of what I think is...

Defiant #SinfulSunday

"Assume the position"... He barks. And I know what I'm meant to do. And yet today I feel different. I will not bow my head. I will not lower my eyes. Today the brat in me is wide awake and out to play. And she tells me to be defiant. Who else is sinning? Click the...

Suede Kiss. Sinful Sunday

Delicate, stroking soft fronds tickle gently over my skin. I close my eyes enjoying the sensation. The caress of the suede. The calm before the storm. Suddenly it stops. Anticipation jangles every nerve. I hear the swish in the air seconds before the suede cracks across my waiting arse. And the glow of it's kiss...