I was sent the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop by Orion for review and as someone who like a little pain I couldn’t wait. Crops are a great form of impact play and not for the faint hearted. The smaller surface area heads can make for some sharp stings and awesome marks.

Arriving in a clear plastic bag I was grateful Orion had parcelled the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop up. Thankfully Orion are the soul of discretion and my neighbours would never have guessed the contents of the parcel they had taken in for me!

Pretty Design

The Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop appealed to me because of the pretty design. The head of the crop is heart shaped. I hoped this would translate to heart shaped marks. The Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop is predominantly black in colour with a purple heart shaped tip with a smaller black heart inside this.

The handle is back in colour and made of a nice grip-able plastic. The length of the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop in total is 18 ½ inches. This is a good length, very handy but long enough to get a good swing on it.

Small Tip

Being quite light I was concerned that the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop wouldn’t be heavy enough to impact but I was wrong. The tip of the crop is 2 ½ inches across and 2 inches in length.  This is a nice small surface area and makes a great sound when I slap it against my hand. Even that has me excited!

The contrast of the purple and black hearts on the tip is striking and adds a nice visual element to the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop. The stem of the crop covered in black cord which is very silky when you stroke it and has a nice luxurious sheen to it. The Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop is a nice-looking bit of kit. But what’s it like to use?

Lightweight Swing

To start with I wanted to wield the crop. I feel far more at home holding a crop than a flogger, perhaps this is because of the more precise nature of the aim. The long stem is perfect for high strokes and there is a deliciously satisfactory swish as the crop cuts through the air.

There is no effort to using the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop. I don’t tire quickly even after multiple strokes. It makes a most satisfactory impact and I love the sound it makes. I can tell simply from the pitchy thwacking noise that it’s going to sting.

Unforgiving Impact

There is a nice impact mark left behind. Not quite the full heart I was hoping for but the top part is discernible. It doesn’t take many strokes before the skin reddens nicely. Made of a faux leather material there is little to no give to the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop tip. It’s very unforgiving. However, this also makes it very effective. This isn’t an implement for beginners to impact play. It’s not kind and can inflict some severe pain

When on the receiving end of the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop I can confirm it bloody hurts! Feeling the tip spank my most tender bits was very arousing and left me wincing in pain. It’s certainly more painful than my floggers and paddles.

Targeted Pain

I really liked how the small tip of the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop can be used to target specific areas for example my clit, to great effect. It left my clit burning and throbbing. This is without doubt an effective punishment. The tip is easily small enough to be used on balls, nipples and shafts too. It’s a great size and I find it’s much more multipurpose than a paddle or flogger.

The Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop is easy to look after, fully wipe clean you should have no problems keeping it looking brand new. There is a nice soft suede wrist strap attached to the handle of the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop. This is great for making sure you don’t accidently fling it across the room when you get carried away. But it also makes a great hanging loop for when it’s not in use.

In Summary

There wasn’t anything about the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop which I disliked. It did exactly what it says on the tin. Delivering stingy blows in a very targeted area, however it can be used more like a cane to strike a submissive across the arse. There are so many uses for the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop, I may never use a paddle again.

Orion sell the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop for 17.95€ which is a great price for such a mean little crop! For such good value, every Dom should have this swishy tool to hand in their bedroom. It’s worth the price for this awesome whistling sound it makes before impact alone.

Thank you so much to Orion for sending me the Bad Kitty Whiskers Crop for review. I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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