Who doesn’t love being spanked? I’ve been known to misbehave just to be put over his knee and spanked before. Although I love it when he uses his hand it’s just as hot when he uses a paddle. When the awesome people at Orion offered me the chance to review the brilliantly named Bad Kitty Paddle I was over the moon.

Bad Kitty

When the Bad Kitty Paddle arrived my first impression was a slight ick at the porny box. It does display the product picture beautifully but it also has a boatload of boobs emblazoned across it. This feels a bit unnecessary as for me the product speaks for itself.

Putting aside the box I quickly opened it to have a look at the pretty paddle inside. The reason I adore the Bad Kitty Paddle is it is literally shaped like a kitty! With ears and everything! The paddle is made from polyurethane and split leather and feels amazingly silky and smooth as I stroke it. Black in colour, the Bad Kitty has glittery red jewel eyes which are very pretty.

Slim Elegance

The handle is adorned by a red soft cuff with a corset effect laced up around the back. This ties up into a bow and adds a nice splash of colour to the predominately black paddle. The edge is trimmed with red contrasting stitching, which finishes the look off nicely.

The Bad Kitty paddle looks bad, its name is a good fit. It has a glint of mischief in those red eyes and I can’t wait to feel what the impact is like. Measuring 15 inches from ears to handle, this is a good long paddle. Ideal to be wielded over the intended submissive to build anticipation. In terms of width Bad Kitty isn’t the widest paddle measuring just 3.75 inches at the widest part.

Pretty Impact Prints

When using Bad Kitty for spanking I found my partner was using the head for impact, the body of Kitty rarely gets used. The plus side of this is the little kitty impact prints it leaves across my bum. I so wish they would bruise as it really is cute to see the little pointy ears. Such a unique mark would be nice to keep around longer. However, Bad Kitty doesn’t carry enough weight to bruise even when used with significant force.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as some people prefer their marks to be quick fading, I just like to keep them around a bit longer if I can. The lighter weight of Bad Kitty makes it perfect for spanking other body parts such as tits and clit. In fact, I found it a perfect size to be used on my clit. There is a very slight flex to the head of Bad Kitty which means it’s not too savage on this sensitive area but bites enough to make me gasp.

Stinging Sensation

I enjoy the feeling of Bad Kitty across my thighs too, the bitey little thwacks teasing up my legs, building anticipation of him heading to my arse. Being spanked on the bum with Bad Kitty left a nice stinging warmth. I could take many more swipes with the Bad Kitty paddle than some of the more rigid or heavier paddles.

Bad Kitty would make an excellent paddle for someone looking to explore impact play as the light weight nature make it hard to do any real damage. I loved using Bad Kitty myself. This is very much a Domme’s paddle I feel. It feels at home in my hand and I love stroking the little ears down his back before pulling it back and administering a stinging smack.

The Bad Kitty paddle is aesthetically very pleasing, the feline shape is quite feminine and yet my other half didn’t feel silly using it on me. So, in this respect it is quite versatile.

Attention to Detail

If I was to have a slight complaint about Bad Kitty it would be I’d like to see the eyes raised more, maybe as rivets or something so they showed up in the impact print. Though this is just be me being fussy.

At the base of the handle the Kitty’s tail is a nice little strap which can be worn around the wrist or used to hang her up. This is a bit tight for larger hands. But if I’m honest I don’t think it really needs to be around your wrist to be used for spanking.

In Summary

Bad Kitty Spanking Paddle is a beautiful looking lightweight paddle for teasing impact play. Priced at less than £22 this is great value. Bad Kitty is a paddle you will find yourself reaching for in D/s foreplay time and time again. It is without a doubt one of my favourite paddles and I enjoy my partner using it to warm me up before switching to his hand.

You can buy the Bad Kitty Paddle from Orion for 24.95 Euros. I was sent the Bad Kitty paddle free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you so much to Orion.


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