Nipple clamps are like the marmite of the kink accessories world. Some people love them, others can’t stand them. I fall into the first so I’m thrilled to be reviewing the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps for the great people at Orion.

This is the first time I’ve tried this kind of nipple clamp so I’m excited and curious to feel what the difference will be. All my other clamps have been the standard crocodile clip style clamps. I love the added intensity nipple clamps give to play. Be that on my own or with my partner. My nipples are extremely sensitive and I can climax through nipple stimulation alone.

Intimidating First Impressions

When the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps arrive, the blue tinged box with the scratches down the front is already familiar to me. I’m a fan of Bad Kitty bondage products. The picture on the box is a little on the porny side but it is a box for nipple clamps.

Excitedly opening the box the first thing that struck me was the weight. The Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps are quite heavy. In fact, at approximately 100g they’re the heaviest clamps I own. I’m immediately struck by the intimidating appearance of the clamps.

Connected by a thick 31 cm metal chain they look mean. The clamps themselves are made of black plastic with an enormous metal screw sticking out the top. They are in a large circular frame measuring about 4cm in height. The actual clamp is made up of a mini screw vice. The inside of the top platform of the clamp is covered in jagged zig zag plastic spikes. This gave me a frisson of excitement and I actually whipped my top up to try them straight away.

Simple to Use

Using the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps is very simple. You just slide your erect nipple in between the two plates in the circular frame and tighten the screw. As you adjust the screw the platform closes onto your nipple. The feeling of tightening the spiky clamp down onto my hard nipple was divine.

At first I was cautious and only tightened to a point. This was fine to snap a couple of pics to show my other half. However, the weight of the chain was significant enough to pull the clamps totally off my nipples as I moved around. This was painful in a not altogether un-arousing way. It did give me a starting point for using them in play though.

Using the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps

I found the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps work best on erect, hard nipples. Although I did find the very act of screwing them on often did the job nicely. They benefitted from giving my nipples a nice hard pinch first. Luckily my man really enjoys doing this for me.

Once my hard nipples are posted into the gap he begins to screw the clamps down. This time he tightens them almost fully and I feel shocks of electricity flood through me as the spikes bite into my hyper sensitive nipples. Once he’s satisfied they’re tight enough he gives them a hard tug to be sure. This feels amazing.

The Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps stay put well once they’re tightened down properly. I have large nipples though and I wonder if they’ll work so well on smaller nipples? I’m not sure there will be enough purchase to lock onto. My man teased me by licking my nipples whilst in the clamps. He can’t usually do this in crocodile clamps and it felt so good.

The Chain

The weight of the chain influences the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps when in place. It literally pulls down on them as if you have weights attached to them. When worn during sex the motion makes the chain swing dramatically and this pulls on the clamps in a delicious way. It’s very exhilarating and I find the added layer of pain this gives is very welcome. I also experimented with threading the chain through my collar D ring which again applied a tension on the chain sending bolts of pain and pleasure through me.

If I was going to change anything about the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps, it would be the plastic used to make the frame and clamp. It is nice and lightweight but I think it would benefit the clamps in many ways if they were made completely of metal. Even if this meant the price was higher.

In Summary

This is a personal preference and if I’m honest I can’t find anything to complain about the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps. They are a welcome addition to my bondage drawer and I enjoy using them with my man or on my own equally. They look the part and feel dynamite when locked down tight. If you are new to nipple clamps I suggest starting with a crocodile clip clamp. These clamps need to be screwed down quite tight and that may be a bit intense for someone new to this sensation.

You can buy the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps here for 19.95€. I think that’s a bargain for such chunky clamps and I’ve hardly taken them off since they arrived. I love the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps they heighten all sensation during play and tick my pain slut boxes beautifully.

Thank you so much to the folk at Orion for sending me the Bad Kitty Nipple Screw Clamps. I was sent these free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.


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