Bondage is one of my favourite kinks. When Orion sent me the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs Set I was thrilled to be reviewing it. I have a few Bad Kitty items and they’re great, especially for those who are new to bondage as they aren’t too intimidating.

Bad Kitty packaging is always a little on the explicit side so this isn’t something you’d open in front of your Mum. But I’m fond of the scratch marked boxes and their sexy wares. I honestly don’t see why we can’t use sex to sell sex accessories when we use it to sell everything else.

About The Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs

The Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs Set is very similar in function to a hogtie restraint, except with more movement for the submissive. The set consists of two sets of cuffs at either end of a long black polypropylene strip.

The strip measures 43cm long. This makes being restrained by the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs Set very accessible. Especially for someone with flexibility issues who might struggle with something like a full hogtie.

The cuffs on either end are secured to solid chrome plated D rings by zinc coated carabiner clips. This allows you to remove the cuffs and use them on their own or replace them with different cuffs if you wish. In the centre of the connector strip sits a third D ring. This is a clever idea as it allows you to attach the cuffs to this ring to change the length of the strip or to create a hogtie restraint. I love how the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuff Set is so versatile, offering you several options for use.

No Frills Cuffs

The cuffs themselves are very simple. Made of polypropylene and padded with a small foam pad they’re certainly no frills. Velcro securing makes them very non-threatening and I immediately think this would make a great introduction restraint for beginners. The Velcro itself is strong and thick enough to secure the cuffs snugly around my wrists and ankles.

Despite the simple appearance, they are comfortable once on, though I wouldn’t want to wear them for prolonged play. In terms of length the cuffs wrap quite easily around my wrists and ankles and my partners. The beauty of Velcro is it is extremely adjustable for comfort. The cuffs are black in colour and this is a nice contrast to the chrome coloured hardware. Although the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuff Set isn’t as intimidating as say a leather restraint it’s still sexy looking.

Bondage Versatility

I can wear the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs Set in front of me when I’m sat down, restricting my ability to move to a fair degree. Alternatively, I can wear it behind my back, when standing this is an interesting way to wear it. Wearing the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs Set in front of me allowed me to be up on my hands and knees whilst restrained. I very much enjoyed being restrained like this during spanking play and of course it gave great access for him to fuck me straight away once I’d been punished.

Strapping my man into the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuff Set whilst he was standing was great fun. Securing his hands behind his back and his ankles together whilst I teased his cock. Having him helpless in front of me like this was perfect for torturous drawn out blow jobs. Oh yes, I enjoyed the switching with this one.

The cuffs can be linked together with the carabiner clips to use without the strap. As if a standard set of hand and ankle cuffs adding further options for play. When not in use the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuff Set folds up into almost nothing and could easily be stored in a bedside or knicker drawer for ultimate discretion.

In Summary

If I was to make an improvement to the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs Set it would be to make the padding on the cuffs thicker. It would benefit the wearer if they were worn for any length of time and often bondage play is quite prolonged.

Orion sell the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs Set for 29.95€ which is a good price for such a versatile little restraint. I’d definitely recommend this restraint for people beginning to explore bondage, it’s great value for money and will give you an idea of if you enjoy bondage play. For more experienced players it’s still a good restraint, I enjoyed it. However, if I was intending to be using it for long periods of time I might consider changing the cuffs.

You can buy the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs Set at Orion.

Thank you to the brilliant people at Orion for sending me the Bad Kitty Hand and Ankle Cuffs Set. This item was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.