Adrien Lastic Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit Review


I was sent the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit vibrator by Adrien Lastic to review and as soon as I saw the picture I was intrigued. The Trigger isn’t your normal rabbit, as well as dual stimulation shafts it boasts “Come Hither Motion” for G Spot Stimulation.

There is no doubt about it the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit vibrator is striking to look at. In a hot pink and black colour combination it grabs your eye before you even notice the details. The shaft is curved slightly inwards and ripples with tantalising bumps along its surface.

Clit Trigger

As with all rabbits the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit has a clit arm to introduce the dual stimulation. On the Trigger, the clit arm does slightly resemble a trigger, which I imagine is where the name came from. It’s incredibly flexible and pretty much moves in any direction.

90% of the Trigger is made of hot pink silicone, with a small black handle type area at the bottom. The silicone is super silky and feels smooth to the touch. Being silicone the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit is body safe, which is what we should be looking for in our sex toys.

Size Matters

With a total length of just over 8 inches the Trigger looks quite impressive in stature however, the insertable length is around half that. The widest part of the shaft is the head, which curves into a subtle bulb with a diameter of 1.6 inches.

The controls for the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit are situation on the handle and consist of three buttons. A power button, one to control the “Come Hither Motion” and one to control the internal vibration. The clitoral vibration is controlled by pressing the power button to move through the patterns.

A Matter of Control

To scroll through the different settings, you simply keep pressing the relevant button. I found the controls easy to use and well placed during play, once I had figured them out. However, it would be nice to be able to change the intensity of the vibration once a pattern is selected.

I felt like the clitoral arm control is almost hidden away in the power function. When I first played around with the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit I thought the vaginal vibration was all there was. I was vastly disappointed in the way this translated into the clit arm. It wasn’t until I read the manual and realised there was a third control for the clit arm hidden in the buttons. It might be worth making this a bit more obvious as lots of people don’t actually read the manual.

Swing & Vibrate

Boasting two “swing” options for the internal arm you can choose between two depths of swing. I like having this choice as everyone’s anatomy is different and one degree of swing might be brilliant for one person but not enough for another.

There are plenty of vibration choices with the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit. Both the clitoral arm and the internal shaft have a choice of 7 vibration patterns. This allows you to customise your vibration settings independently.

The internal vibration is stronger than the clitoral vibration. Though I do wonder if this is more to do with how light the clitoral arm is? Possibly it lacks the weight needed to apply the vibration in a stronger fashion. When I hold the clitoral motor in my hand the vibrations feel stronger than they translate to on my clit.

Using The Adrien Lastic Trigger

So, what is it like to use the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit? Avoid using silicone lubes as they will damage the surface of the silicone shaft, so water based lube is best. Slathering some water based lube along the shaft I prepared to give the Trigger its first try.

The internal shaft feels amazing sliding inside me, every one of those ridges adds to my arousal levels. The curve meets my G spot nicely and as the silicone brushes against me I can tell it’s going to be an enjoyable ride.

Deep Internal Rumbles

Selecting an internal vibration first I quickly found one that felt great, the deep rumbles sending waves through my insides. Next was the clitoral vibration. I was pleased to feel it felt great despite my concerns, I found a pulsey pattern which suited me to the ground. Some of the patterns work better than others but this is the same with any vibrator.

Vibrations set, I was already feeling my muscles contracting in pleasure. I switched on the swing and opted for the deeper swing. The effect was immediate. It mimics the feeling of my man’s fingers inside me and added to the vibration it was divine.

Multiple Orgasms = Happy Days

I climaxed quickly with the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit and found that by changing the clitoral pattern I could prolong this into a multiple orgasm. Happy Days! My orgasm was intense and feeling my insides tighten around the textured shaft was amazing.

The Trigger is USB rechargeable and comes with a charging cable and storage bag, which is a great touch. In terms of volume I found the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit to be quite discreet. However, with all three motors running you would need noise camouflage if your house was busy.

In Summary

You can buy the Adrien Lastic Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit from for £78.95. This is a great price for a triple motor vibe.

I liked using the Adrien Lastic Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit, it delivered a great orgasm and felt divine. If I was to suggest a change to the Trigger it would be to make the clitoral vibration controls clearer. And possible to add a bit of weight to that clitoral arm. Apart from that the Trigger is a winner for me.

Thank you so much to the great people at Adrien Lastic and for sending me the Trigger Triple Motor Rabbit.  I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest and impartial review.