Sex is such a rush if it’s done well. To be fair even done badly it’s still one of my favourite things. Sex is literally a banquet for the senses, I’ve been trying to work out which sense is more important to me in my play time. They are all vital and play their own important roles in creating and setting a sexually charged experience to reach that orgasmic high.

I’m an exceptionally tactile person, some of my favourite toys are those which excite my finger tips when I stroke them. I love the feeling of soft silicone on vibrators, dildos and butt plugs. I love temperature play using my smooth, cool glass toys. There’s something so sexy about just wanting to stroke something purely for the satisfaction of the sensation. Equally I find stroking my boyfriends cock a similar feeling. Stroking my fingers down the silky length makes me literally gasp with pleasure. Similarly I enjoy wearing tactile fabrics like lace or satin in my lingerie, luxuriating in them brushing against my skin. However the king of tactile fabrics for me is latex. Latex is so unbelievably strokeable it’s actually hard to stop. The first latex dress I owned I wore out with my friends, they were pretty shocked that I was intending to wear latex out in little old Gravesend. That is until they touched it. I spent the entire night with my friends stroking their hands over my dress and cooing appreciatively. Almost every moment of any sexual experience is infused with touch sensation. Nothing comes close to someone else’s touch on your bare skin and for me nothing is as intimate as that skin to skin contact when he’s deep inside me. From the exquisite tickling of your lovers fingertips or a feather drawn across your skin to the bite of a crop or a pin wheel, sex is infused with touch.

Sight is a weird one for me. I find it visually thrilling seeing my man stretched out in restraints all vulnerable and all mine, looking at him dressed or undressed is easily one of my favourite past-times. However I love to regularly rob him of his own vision by blindfolding him to heighten sensation to his other senses, to increase his anticipation. It’s usually said that men are more visually stimulated than women but I don’t necessarily think this is true. I find looking at pictures of beautiful naked men and women very erotic. My bedroom is covered in pin-up art and my twitter feed is regularly adorned with arty nudity. Not to mention my well documented porn habit. There’s a reason why sexy selfies are so popular, we all like to see an erotic image of the person we love. I know some of my favourite pictures of my boyfriend are the intimate ones he’s sent me. I also know he loves it when I tease him while he’s at work with sexy pictures to turn him on. One of the things IĀ first struggled with when embarking on my current relationship was my man wanted to look at me during sex. For me this level of intimacy was crazy. I’d spent a life time trying to untangle emotion and sex and didn’t feel comfortable to be staring deep into his eyes as I came. Much to my shock this has changed and now I find it deepens my enjoyment of that moment, making me feel a million times closer to him. Vision is definitely important to sex, and yet removing it can make the experience more exciting. Perhaps this is because we become lazy with our remaining senses when we are capable of vision, remove that sensual crutch and we have to rely on other things to feed our brain the information needed to stimulate our sexual responses.

The sense of smell is a more subtle part of the sexual experience and yet none the less important. A large part of sexual attraction comes down to pheromones. The scent of the person we love or are attracted to is full of strong chemical triggers to elicit all kinds of delicious emotions in us including arousal, love and of course lust. I find when I’m up close with my man the smell of his skin can literally make my mouth water. Even when we’ve been particularly physical or when he’s just finished work and has been sweating in the heat, I still feel compelled to bury my face into his chest and deeply inhale. It’s one of my favourite things to do for comfort and I can honestly say I far prefer his own scent to layers of product, though he favours particular smells which if I smell them on someone else I find confusing because they belong to him. I love when I can smell him on my own skin. I know that certain perfumes of mine evoke thoughts in him of times I’ve worn them for memorable sessions and this is another powerful trait of the sense of smell, it almost allows you to time travel to a moment or memory in the past and relive that in your mind.

This brings us to taste. The most obvious of the sexual senses and yet often the one people can be most squeamish about. Every kiss is a journey in taste, savouring the flavour of your lovers lips and skin. I literally lick my man’s skin purely to taste him. I’m sure it feels amazing for him but for me it’s just as enjoyable. I love how when he goes down on me he eats me out as if I’m his last meal and he’s a starving man and then allows me to taste myself by sliding his tongue into my mouth. He will slide his fingers deep inside me and then lick them clean right in front of me as though it was the most delicious candy on earth. You can buy all kinds of exciting flavoured lubes to drizzle across your partner to enhance the taste element of sex but I don’t think any of them beat my partners own unique flavour. One of the most erotic thrills for me personally is the taste of my own cunt on his hard cock. The mixture of our own flavours combining in one heady cocktail of desire.

Writing this article has bought me to the conclusion that in fact hearing/sound is my favourite sense sexually. I’m incredibly vocal during play myself and kind of take this for granted. He is not so much. So when I hear him moan, or when he asks for more, it elicits such a powerful reaction inside me. The sound of his voice has always been a huge turn on for me even before it was associated with sexual memories and now this is just magnified. Noises during sex are pretty horny. Not only are they a good indicator that you are all having a great time but they’re a tiny unbridled part of ourselves. I lose my inhibitions (yes honestly I do have some) totally during sex, the most filthy phrases and most animalistic moans and screams pour from my mouth, sometimes shocking me when I think about it afterwards. I love talking dirty to him, even more so in public. And when he does it back I struggle to function. That delicious sensation of him whispering into my ear exactly what he’s going to do to me, a combination of threat and promise. Such is the power of sound over me that I have literally cum on command. Equally i find the crack of a flogger or the slap of a hand making contact on a peachy round arse a total turn on. Have you ever tried to watch porn with the sound down? I find this almost impossible. It’s just not as horny for me without the gasps, moans, sighs and growls. I’m a big fan of phone sex, talking dirty to my man and reliving sexual adventures we’ve had together or planning new ones inevitably ends in us simultaneously wanking, both equally aroused by the sounds of the other touching themselves and the irrepressible sighs and moans produced. I love the commanding tone he takes with me whilst instigating sex or the growl he makes as I slide my lips over his cock. It literally makes me shiver. I couldn’t tell you why I slightly favour this sense over the others. I simply know that it’s the one that I miss the most when parted from my man. The sound of his voice.




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